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What Can an Online Marketing Agency Do for Me?

on January 14, 2020

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As we head into a new decade, one thing’s for sure. The world of marketing has evolved. Has your company’s marketing efforts grown with these changes?

If not, then your brand has likely lost plenty of ground. Expect to see that trend continue into the 2020s. That is unless you do something about it.

Of course, that can be easier said than done. Especially if you’re still handling marketing the old fashioned way.

Let’s face it, making the transition into the brave new world of digital advertising can feel intimidating and overwhelming.

That’s where an online marketing agency comes in handy. Read on to learn more about what a fantastic team can do to help your company level up.

online marketing agency word map

Why Your Company Needs an Online Marketing Agency

In the past decade, the marketing landscape has transformed in MAJOR ways. Ten years ago, TV and newspaper ads still ruled the day. And as for Snapchat, TikTok, and influencers? We’d never even heard of them.

Concepts such as “Big Data,” programmatic marketing, RTB, and retargeting were nonexistent. Oh, how things have changed! Of course, all of this change represents the perfect storm for confusion and inaction.

Like a deer in the headlights, it’s easy to get paralyzed by too many innovative strategies and choices. We all know what happens to that deer, though.

Instead of letting marketing’s evolution run your company over, it’s time to get proactive. That starts with understanding why your current marketing efforts are failing.

For one, traditional marketing is in a death spiral. It no longer reaches the audiences that it once did. Even at its high point, it was all about numbers and lacked precision.

With the decline in a central audience for newspapers, TV, and radio, digital marketing now represents the best way to get bang for your marketing bucks.

When you work with one of the best digital marketing agencies, they can make the transition seamless. They can customize future marketing to your niche market, target audience, and brand.

The Benefits of Digital Marketing

At the heart of digital marketing is targeted brand promotion. This promotion is data-driven, well organized, and delivers measurable results in real-time.

Digital marketing also refers to a variety of different media, including podcasts, mobile apps, blogs, and more. These tools and channels represent the robust foundation for all that a digital marketing agency does

Digital marketing also allows for constant testing. This ability to continually measure results means that new strategies get implemented immediately. That means less marketing guesswork.

How to harness these results? By working with a digital ad agency that knows how to take full advantage of the best digital marketing has to offer.

Don’t settle for a traditional marketing agency. Or, you’ll end up outpaced by the competition.

What You Need to Know About Digital Marketing Firms

Traditional marketing agencies practiced the “spray and pray” method. It involved throwing one advertising message out there for anybody. There was no precision, and measuring results came after the fact.

The best digital marketing agencies, however, focus on results. After all, the digital sphere is redefining how we live, work, and play. Within this context, measurable marketing and ROI are the names of the game.

When you work with the right lead generation company, they represent a team of individuals dedicated to promoting your brand.

They should have a team of digital marketing consultants, strategists, creatives, and developers. This team should work together to deliver quantifiable results from the ground up.

In the process, they should construct a lead-generating and brand-development engine. This engine will yield both short- and long-term results. So, how do digital marketing agencies compare to regular marketing agencies?

Digital Marketing Firms Versus “Traditional” Marketing Firms

Marketing agencies continue to dabble in traditional marketing efforts. As we’ve already said, these efforts prove mostly ineffective and difficult to measure. Marketing agencies often fall into the trap of pushing merely creative initiatives.

As traditional marketers, they fail. Why? Because of an inability to marry great marketing ideas with data-driven results, including leads and conversions.

They’re permanently stuck in the past, lacking the internal skillset or know-how to take full advantage of all of the tools available as a result of the digital revolution.

For example, a marketing agency might excel at creating gorgeous graphics and a “pretty” website. When it comes to a site that converts visitors based on results-focused outcomes, however, they’re dead in the water.

Once upon a time, the right image and words worked brilliantly to capture the attention and money of would-be prospects. These moments of genius, however, were fleeting and unpredictable.

Digital tools now allow marketers to understand better what works and why so that repeatable processes can be established.

At this point, you may be wondering how digital marketing firms achieve all of this. Let’s deep dive into the services they provide, as well as some of the techniques and strategies they use that could benefit your organization.

Leveling Up with a Great Digital Marketing Agency

The right firm can transform your company’s marketing from top to bottom. To begin, they’ll evaluate your brand’s needs.

In the process, they’ll identify opportunities to help your company develop a powerful strategy that ramps up profits. They’ll also find and define ways for your company to increase its productivity and efficiency when it comes to marketing.

A fantastic digital marketing agency will also help you find and define your objectives based on a set of clear, measurable goals.

A thorough understanding of your target audience should inform this process, and this is one area where the best agencies genuinely excel. They’ll help you define your ideal buyer as well as map out their buying journey.

They will then use this information to develop highly targeted ads. Why is this last bit so important?

Because if you don’t know what your target looks like, how can you aim for it? Armed with an intimate understanding of your buyer and what motivates them to make a purchase, however, you can speak directly to them.

A digital marketing agency will help you do this with relevant messaging based on data. What ultimately forges a connection between your company and the buyers you want?

Understanding and articulating how your unique selling proposition aligns with your ideal buyer and their journey from an interested lead to a repeat customer.

Omni-Present Campaigning Strategies

All of this begs the question: how do digital marketing agencies use detailed information about your prospects and customers to gain more traction for your brand?

Through a multi-pronged approach that relies on the internet’s many offerings to position your message. This approach includes the creation of content that establishes your brand as an online authority.

They’ll rely on the most effective and cutting edge content strategies to achieve this, providing your brand with the highest possible organic search rankings in the process.

They’ll also implement an active social media marketing strategy to guarantee the highest marketing ROI possible. Great social media campaigns remain focused on both your overall marketing strategy and the context of the channel.

They should also ensure that your website is mobile-friendly so that people can access it conveniently across multiple devices. This multi-channel, multi-device approach means an omnipresent level of brand exposure.

Boosting Return on Investment for Your Brand with Proven Strategies

I’ve talked a lot about what the best digital marketing agencies can do for your company. At this point, you may be wondering how to assess whether or not you’re working with one of the best.

Keep in mind one of the essential services that a digital marketing agency provides: a reliable and steady boost in your return on investment (ROI). The more significant the ROI, the higher your profit margin.

If the company you work with can’t deliver, or they prove unable to demonstrate how they’re performing, then it’s time to look elsewhere.

Another thing to watch out for is an agency that settles into a holding pattern. What do I mean? I’m referring to companies who coast along, never challenging or refining their strategies.

An excellent digital marketing agency constantly reworks its strategy. They never stop testing, and they apply insights learned from each campaign in real-time, thereby providing you with better results.

They also boost your ROI by streamlining your efforts and improving their overall efficiency.

Working with a competent digital marketing agency will lead to more lead conversion and long-term sales growth. Why? Because they remain hyperfocused on balancing your marketing activities with measurable, definable results.

They do this by consistently evaluating your website traffic and analyzing the best online platforms for further investment.

Assembling the Right Team for Your Company’s Needs

Of course, to do all of this requires a team. That’s another factor to keep in mind as you shop around for the best agency to meet your needs.

Do they have a marketing strategist? How about a marketing manager? Do they have copywriters and developers?

The answers to these questions will help you decide whether or not an agency’s right for you. After all, if you want to see significant results, then you need to assemble the right team for the job.

You should also consider ALL that you get by hiring a trustworthy digital marketing agency. You gain access to a team of specialists that know how to leverage the internet and new technologies on your behalf.

Some companies question whether to hire full-time staff members or an agency to handle their marketing needs. When you consider what an agency brings to the table, making the right choice becomes abundantly clear.

If you want to take advantage of the best team available to boost your company’s online presence and create a repeatable sales funnel that works, then go with a top-rated agency.

You won’t regret the decision. How do I know this? Because you’ll have demonstrable results to justify your choice.

This data-driven marketing will persuade stakeholders and decision-makers who might feel initially hesitant with the new direction you’re taking.

What to Look for in a Digital Marketing Agency

With all of this in mind, let’s consider what a fantastic digital marketing agency should bring to the table. They should see themselves as partners in your business growth.

They should employ a team of staff who understand the ins and outs of your business. This team should take the same care when it comes to promoting your brand that they would with their own.

Without this level of dedication, you can’t expect any agency to be able to communicate the soul of your brand.

Not all digital marketing agencies are created equal, and not all of them have assembled the high-quality team it requires to deliver exceptional results.

So, don’t go into the process of finding the right digital marketing group by assuming one-size-fits-all. Instead, look for an agency that can ramp up your digital marketing, ROI, and brand awareness.

In other words, find an organization that can take charge of your marketing and deliver consistent results.

Redefining Your Company’s Future with Online Marketing Services

Are you ready to make 2020 your most profitable year ever? Then, it’s time to dump imprecise, old-fashioned marketing strategies.

Replace them with tried and true tactics that take full advantage of today’s technology and resources.

Not sure where to start? We can help. Contact us to learn more about what an extraordinary online marketing agency can do for your brand and ROI.

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