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Social Media Marketing that Builds Brand Awareness

Expand Your Brand

At ROI Amplified we want to help you expand your brand and build your following. We will take care of all of your social media posting. Whether they’re paid or organic, your social media posts will reach their intended audience, build up your social following, and generate leads.

With ROI Amplified as your social media company, you can be certain that we are as dedicated to maintaining your brand image as you are. We make sure to spend the time finding the right images and content that reflect your company. Whether it’s coming up with a tagline, finding the right image to accompany a post, or creating a graphic customized to your brand, ROI Amplified has got your back.

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Custom Designed Imagery & Graphics

When ROI Amplified takes over as your social media company, we will design custom imagery and graphics that match your brand. From color schemes to fonts to the general feeling of images, your brand will be represented across all media on your social media channels.

Cohesiveness Across Social Media Channels

If we take over posting for multiple social media channels, you can rest assured that all channels will be cohesive with your brand, and in turn, will be cohesive with each other. Viewers will be able to open each of your social media channels and immediately recognize your brand.

Regular Posting Schedule

Remembering to post regularly to your social media channels is easy to forget. When ROI Amplified takes over as your social media company, we will determine and implement a set schedule for posting to each of your social media channels.

Content that Reflects Your Brand

Above all, your social media channels are another representation of your brand. We will work to make sure that whenever a viewer opens one of your social media channels, your brand is recognizable and reflected. From profile imagery to the tone of voice on your posts, viewers will be able to recognize the social media channels as yours.

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Organic Posting

Keeping up with posting to your social media channels can be difficult. It’s understandable that posting regularly can slip your mind. We can help with that. Whether it’s posting a captivating image to Instagram, sharing an article on LinkedIn, letting your followers know what you’re up to on Facebook, or posting on any of your other social media platforms, we will make sure your followers are seeing posts from you regularly.

We’ll put you in front of your followers on a regular basis, so you stay relevant to them. The days of posting whenever you remember (and not posting consistently) will be long gone. With ROI Amplified running your organic social posting, you can focus on running your business, and stop worrying about running your social media.

Paid Ad Campaigns

We know that creating paid social media ad campaigns can be frustrating. That’s why we take over the process. No need to stress about constantly changing algorithms and pouring money into “foolproof” campaigns that just aren’t working for your business. Once ROI takes over as your social media company, you will start seeing results.

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Stop stressing about boosting posts, organic reach, and paid reach, and start focusing on your business and growing your customer base.

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