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We are the Best Google Ads Company

Why You Should Choose ROI Amplified
as your Google Ads Company

ROI Amplified is a proud Google partner

Certified experts in your account DAILY

24/7 live and transparent reporting

Offline conversion and call tracking

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Google Ads Management is different with ROI Amplified

Constant Optimization vs. “Set It & Forget It”

We are constantly tweaking your campaigns to adjust to changes in your market and the Google Ads auction. We make about 10 optimizations to your account per day, providing the attention to detail you would expect from an in-house marketing team. In contrast, most other Google Ads companies “set it and forget it”.

You may have experience with other agencies coming on strong at the beginning of your contract and going MIA once you begin making payments. With ROI Amplified, you can be assured that we are doing the work behind the scenes. We will keep you in the know during the entire process and are always available as questions arise.

ROI Amplified is a trusted partner.

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Results for Any Budget

Having worked with both local clients and some of the biggest brands in the world, we know how to get the most out of any budget. Our Google Ads Management produced well over 5 million dollars in revenue for our clients in 2018 alone! Whether you’re looking to start small or are ready to dive into the deep end, your budget is going to go further with ROI Amplified!

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Click Fraud Protection

Click Fraud Protection

Click fraud is the fraudulent clicking on a pay per click (Google) ad which is designed to divert or negatively impact your budget. Bots and competitors will click on your ads to use up your Google Ads budget. Our team will implement our click fraud protection software so your ad budget isn’t wasted on fraudulent clicks.

How Click Fraud Protection works

We track every click that your Google ads receive, and monitor the interaction of the user with your ad. Industry-leading algorithms are then able to separate real customers from bots and competition. When fraudulent clicks are detected, your ad will be hidden from the user.

How does Click Fraud Protection boost your Google Ads campaigns?

Only Pay for Genuine Leads

You won’t be paying for clicks from people and bots that are trying to harm your business.

Beat your Competitors

Improve your Google ads by adjusting your campaign based on intel on keywords you and your competitors are both bidding on.

Understand Users

Identify the pain points to improve user experience, and make adjustments to get users to convert.

Tailored to Your Business

Ensure a higher level of click fraud filtering customized to your unique business needs.

Insightful Reporting

Monitor your campaign information in categories such as browser, device, location, keyword, etc.

Automatic Refunds

A Google Ads refund request will be automatically filed on your behalf every few months, so there’s no need to file one yourself.

Website Management = Perfect Campaigns

Get a real-time report from our website grader and see how your site stacks up.

We don’t offer inferior solutions. Therefore, we don’t offer Google Ads management without managing your website. Why? The explanation is simple. To produce the ROI that you are looking for, we need to be able to control the user experience, not just the ads. If an agency is only managing your Google Ads campaigns, they have no control over the user experience and are not providing the top-level solutions that your business needs.

Stop worrying about outsourcing your tasks or haggling with freelancers. ROI Amplified has the talent and process in-house to deliver superior results!

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100% Transparent Reporting

We believe in a true transparent partnership. Every ROI Amplified client has access to a personalized 24/7 live dashboard. We want you to know exactly where your customers are coming from and how much it costs to get them.

Want to see a real-time live report for yourself? Just tell us where to send the link.

You’ll get more than just a live report.

Call Report

A detailed PDF containing every call report from your website and advertising campaigns.

Monthly Updates

Information on the number of additional optimizations that our experts make you your account each month.

Digital Review

A monthly phone call or in-person meeting to recap what we’ve seen and insights to prepare for what is to come.

Still don’t believe us? Ask our clients.

I love love love working with ROI! They are my third PPC/SEO/Website company I've hired and they are by far the best. Zack really knows his stuff and Jenn is so patient and understanding of my vision and goals.

Dr. Samantha WintonOwner, Integrated Care Clinic