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How Do You Choose the Right Lead Generation Company to Hire?

on June 4, 2019

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Generating new business is crucial no matter how large a business might be. Lead generation must be done carefully to ensure quality leads are created because it can be complex. These quality leads can lead to more sales for the business. Businesses looking for lead generation services, regardless of business to business or business to customer leads, will want to make sure they choose and hire the right lead generation company. Unfortunately, it can take some work to find the right company because of the plethora of options available today. Learn more about what lead generation is, why it’s valuable, and what to look for in a lead generation company to make finding the right one to hire easier. 

Lead Generation for Today’s Businesses

Before the internet, most marketing was done through advertisements. Companies showcased what they had to offer and waited for customers to come to them. Some early types of lead generation were used, such as having a booth at a tradeshow to gather contact information for potential customers. Many businesses relied on telemarketers for lead generation. They would see if people were interested in what the business had to offer by cold-calling them. These ways of generating leads could be effective, depending on a variety of factors. Today’s lead generation techniques can be far more effective because of the internet. 

In recent years, the ability to generate more leads has grown significantly. With the internet, lead generation can be done through many new techniques, like email marketing. Today, the focus is more on the quality of leads than on the quantity. The reason for this is that there are more ways to reach out to interested customers, more ways to find out if customers are interested, and more ways to check that the lead has a high chance of success before spending more time and money on it. 

Today, marketing agencies will offer lead generation services to help businesses looking to increase their amount of quality leads. The number of leads that can be gained from a company like this will depend on many factors. These include the type of business, how leads will be generated, and the experience of the lead generation company. Business owners will want to look for the right lead generation company to ensure they can get as many new quality leads as possible. The right lead generation company will also make sure they get help turning those leads into sales. This can help them boost their sales drastically and lead to more repeat sales if their customers are happy with the services and products they’ve received as well as the time spent between thinking about a purchase and the actual purchase. 

Advantages of Hiring an Outside Lead Generation Company

Many businesses can handle lead generation on their own, just like other types of marketing on and offline. However, there are many benefits to working with a lead generation company instead of attempting a DIY approach. Some of the benefits to be aware of include the following. 

Expert Assistance – Businesses can take advantage of experts who already have the knowledge and tools to bring in quality leads. This way employees don’t have to take time off work to go through training and learn the techniques used in lead generation.

avoid need to make cold calls

Avoid Needing to Make Cold Calls – Cold calls are not effective. Still, they’re where many businesses start when they try to bring in more leads. A lead generation company can enable the business to stop making cold calls. Instead, they can start talking to customers who are ready to make a purchase.

ability to focus elsewhere

Ability to Focus Elsewhere – When employees are working on learning how to generate leads effectively or spending hours cold calling potential customers, they don’t have time to do tasks that may be far more essential for the business. Working with a lead generation company allows employees to focus on other areas that need their attention more.

fresh ideas for lead generation

Fresh Ideas for Lead Generation – A lead generation company understands what’s needed to bring in quality leads. They can use both tried-and-true techniques as well as new ideas that could help boost the leads for the business. They understand lead generation thoroughly, so they know what to try next.

handle leads the right way

Handle Leads the Right Way – How leads are handled after they’re obtained makes a huge difference. Lead generation companies can create a follow-up strategy that helps the business know what to do with each lead to get more sales.

Choosing the Right Lead Generation Company

With so many lead generation companies to choose from today, finding one that helps generate more leads, and helps generate more quality leads is crucial. It’s important to look through the information available about the company before making any decision. There are a few things to look out for.

Think about the business and determine what exactly is needed before you choose a lead generation company. Lead generation is about finding customers interested in buying a product and helping them decide to buy. That’s why businesses need to learn more about the customers before choosing any lead generation company. Then, look for one that has experience, that can analyze the customers to create a tailored way to generate more leads, and that is going to do as much as possible to help bring in the needed leads for the business.

Look for a company that’s willing to analyze the business and customers for a more customized approach to lead generation, that will be flexible, that will offer a variety of services, and that will provide key metrics to measure the performance of the lead generation strategy that’s used. All of this can make a huge difference in how effective the lead generation company is. It can also make a difference in whether they’re worth the cost. A lead generation company willing to focus on using the right techniques at the right time for the business instead of streamlining services that might not be as effective is going to lead to more quality leads being generated instead of a huge amount of low-quality leads that aren’t likely to end in sales.

Look for Quality Not Always Quantity

Quantity is important, but the quality is far more crucial when it comes to lead generation. Of course, businesses want to bring in as many leads as possible so they can try to get more sales. However, focusing on quantity doesn’t always work out well. When the focus is just getting as many leads as possible, the majority of those leads will be low-quality. This means they’re not likely going to lead to a sale. More often than not, they are going to end up leading to wasted time.

Consider cold calling. These are phone calls generated randomly to try to find customers that might be interested in a product or service. Only around 2% of cold calls are successful. This means that a cold call is going to be wasted time 98% of the time. The amount of sales from the 2% is not going to make up for the time spent cold calling consumers who aren’t interested in the product.

Better leads can be generated when the focus is on quality. More techniques can be used that have the potential for better results. The techniques used focus on people who are already looking for the product. These people are ready to make a purchase. This leads to more sales, even though the number of leads may be lower. That’s because every lead has a better chance of becoming a sale. Though it is important to bring in as many leads as possible for a business, look for a lead generation company that focuses on quality leads that cut down on wasted time and increase the number of sales.

Find Out How They Get Leads

The most important factor for lead generation is, naturally, where the leads come from. Some companies will use telemarketers to build lists of potential leads. These aren’t going to be very high quality even though there may be a number of them. The goal for these may be to create a large list that can then be sold to multiple businesses simultaneously. This means a few different businesses in the same niche are going to have the same list of leads. This doesn’t tend to allow the businesses a good chance of having the leads turn into sales, as there are a few different issues with the leads that are purchased like this.

Look for a lead generation company that uses a comprehensive content marketing strategy to help bring in more high-quality leads. There may not be as many leads generated with these techniques, but they’re going to lead to more sales. In general, the higher the amount of contact between a business and a lead, the higher the quality of leads. Leads that come from consumers filling out forms for more information lead to more sales than leads coming from telemarketing.

Find out how to leads are qualified once they are generated. Qualified leads are those that are the most likely to lead to a sale. These should be worked with quickly to make the sale. Marketing-qualified leads are those that are for consumers that may be very interested in what the business needs to offer. These are the ones obtained through a variety of lead generation techniques designed to find consumers who are ready to purchase. Sales-qualified leads are ones that have already been vetted by the sales team. These leads are more likely to lead to a sale. These leads should be followed up with quickly to get the sale from them.

Choose the Omnichannel Approach

Marketing techniques used for lead generation can take many different forms. Single-channel marketing is a way to produce leads using only one approach. If the right approach is used this can be effective. However, an omnichannel approach that uses more techniques and reaches consumers through more ways is going to always be far more effective.

Omnichannel refers to providing a seamless experience for consumers, from the time they first discover a product until they make the sale. With an omnichannel approach, consumers can get in contact with a business by going to a store, looking at the website, checking out a mobile app, or by using social media. The approach uses marketing in all of these areas to reach out to consumers who are interested in the product.

omnichannel marketing

Once the consumer has shown interest, businesses can reach out to consumers in a way that’s more in tune with the consumer’s preferences. This allows businesses to have a better chance at the sale. With the right setup, the sales funnel can follow one type of channel that the consumer prefers. It can also adjust between channels to meet the consumer’s needs. The goal here is to provide a seamless experience for the customer, no matter how they prefer to shop. That way they have a higher chance of purchasing from the business instead of a competitor. The easier it is for the consumer to find what they need, the more likely they are to make a purchase. An omnichannel approach is designed with this in mind. This ensures the consumer is happy and able to get the information they need so they are more likely to buy the product.

Check the Company’s Experience

The right approach is only part of what makes one lead generation company better than another one. It’s also about the experience. This doesn’t mean a newer company is not going to provide excellent services. Instead, it means looking at the overall experience of the company, the experience of the team members, and the experience in the business’s niche. Newer companies can still have amazing results if they use experienced team members. Older companies might not be a great choice if they’ve recently had a high turnover and are working with mainly newcomers at the moment.

Check the experience of a company by learning more about what businesses they’ve worked with in the past as well as the results gained for those businesses. Lead generation companies should be able to show how effective their services were for other businesses as well as show what they can do with their experience. Keep in mind the differences between the businesses they’ve worked with in the past. This can help show how flexible they are with their techniques. It also shows whether they can customize the lead generation services to provide better results for their clients.

When comparing lead generation companies, consider their experience in the niche as well as overall. The help a medical company needs is going to be very different from the help a financial company might need. It’s important to look at overall stats for the company. If two companies are otherwise comparable other than the specialized experience, it’s better to choose the one with specialized experience. If the metrics are not the same, go with the company that has more experience and better statistics overall.

Certifications and Badges to Look For

Certifications help show expertise in an area like lead generation as well as showcase specializations the company might have. Lead generation companies are not usually required to be certified. The certifications can show the differences between some of the top lead generating companies. This can make it easier to choose which one to work with.

Look for a lead generation company that is labeled as a Google Partner. The Google Partner badge has to be earned from Google and is a way to show that a company has been accepted by Google to manage Google Ads for other businesses. Google Partners also have access to training events and other events that help them improve the work they do. Some lead generation companies might have specializations through their Google Partnership that showcase their areas of expertise.

Other certifications to look for include specialized certifications outside of Google Partner. A lead generation can be certified in HubSpot or Facebook. This can show they are experts in using those services for lead generation. If any specialized techniques may be required for lead generation, look to see if the company has certifications in those areas. This can help show they have the expertise necessary to handle the task. If no specialized certifications are required, check out the certifications the company does have. This will allow you to see where they focus their training and what they might be able to provide.

Check How Reporting Will be Handled

Reporting is a crucial component of lead generation. Businesses need to know how effective the services are, how many leads are generated per month, how many of them are qualified leads, and how many sales are made because of the leads. All of this is essential for businesses who want to closely monitor how well the lead generation is doing and whether there is anything that can be changed to make it more effective. Business owners will want to look for lead generation companies that are more transparent. This makes it easy to see the return on the investment and follow what’s happening.

Look for information on how transparent the company will be with what they’re doing and how their services are working. Choose a company that is going to provide a regular, detailed report that shows the leads obtained and what happens with the leads they do get. Once you start working with the company, you’re going to want to be able to view these reports, understand what they say, and discuss the next steps with the lead generation company to determine if changes are needed to bring in more quality leads or if the current strategy is performing well. Changes and adjustments are difficult to do with no metrics showing how well the current techniques are working.

Use a Trial Period to Learn More About a Company

The right lead generation company is a good fit for the business. Even if the lead generation is a huge success in most cases and can bring in tons of leads, if they aren’t experienced in the business’s niche or they just aren’t going to be a good fit for the business, it can lead to tons of lost money and time for the lead generation company and the business. Since contracts can be a year or longer, it might be a good idea to find out if it’s possible to check out the services for a shorter period before committing to a longer contract that might not be the right choice for both sides.

See if there is a trial period for the services offered by the lead generation company. The amount of time needed to see if a company is a good fit may vary. A trial period could lead to the ability to choose a different lead generation company if the business doesn’t believe the first one is a good fit. The business can then try out the services for a few months instead of needing to be under contract for a year or longer. Using trial periods to check out lead generation companies can take some time to do. If the business has done some research to find a good lead generation company, it’s likely they will be happy during the trial period and won’t need to search further for a company they’ll want to work with.

Lead generation is crucial today and there are more techniques than ever before that help brings in high-quality leads. Still, businesses today need to make sure they have the right help to attract high-quality leads that will convert to sales. If you are looking for a lead generation company to work with, make sure you take the time to follow the tips here. This way you can find the right company to help your business. When you understand more about how the process works and what you should look for, you can cut down on the time it takes to find the right lead generation company. This can help you start bringing in more quality leads for your business today.

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