Brand Development

Good branding gives your business a magnetic personality. With Brand Development by ROI Amplified, customers are drawn to you (and can’t stay away). We’ll elevate the look and feel of your brand to match your deep-seeded values and quality services.

Here’s How We Do It

Define Who You Are

We work with you to distill your messaging to its purest, most potent form so we can develop visual branding just as strong and vibrant. We accomplish this goal by defining your brand story, telling it with valuable content, and painting the picture with the perfect look and feel.

Execute the Plan through Design

Our design experts craft each brand element for maximum impact. Every word, every image, and every page of your website will be an ambassador for your brand, and your commitment to the highest standards. Our design support includes custom logo design, images, webpage layouts and brand guide creation.

brand development

Developing a Logo

Whether it’s golden arches or a white apple, the right logo means immediate recognition for your business. ROI Amplified will create or redesign your logo to strengthen your branding and get you noticed.


Discovery and research are crucial. We dig deep to learn everything we can. We combine your web analytics and industry branding trends to find the perfect starting point for your logo design.


Drawing logos sounds odd, but it works. We promise. Sketching gives us multiple options that are easy to compare and modify. We’ll see what works (and what doesn’t) before we go digital.


Then, we take our best sketches and digitize them for the drafting process. That’s where we add details, color options, and more. We  share our 3 favorites, then YOU decide which one moves on to the refining stage.


Whether it’s a one-time I love it or further collaboration, we continue refining your logo until it’s exactly what you want.


After revisions are complete, your preferences and our expertise meet as we finalize and present your new logo.


We deliver a folder full of logos you can use on any platform, in any color scheme, on all your marketing materials. Your options include:

Branding by the Book: Your Brand Guide

What is a Brand Guide?

A Brand Guide (or Brand Book) is the ultimate blueprint for the visual components of your brand.  ROI Amplified takes the guesswork out of your branding strategy by creating a custom Brand Guide for you and your team.  Each element of your Brand Guide–from fonts to color combinations–is totally unique to your brand so you stand out in your industry, and stand above your competition.

Why Do You Need It?

Your Brand Guide includes in-depth explanation behind your logo design, colors, fonts, and more. Think of it like a glossary: every element of your brand is clearly defined so your message and values resonate like never before.

Get Noticed with Printed Marketing Materials

There’s one thing we hear a lot these days: print is dead. ROI Amplified
busts that myth with print marketing solutions that add a personal touch to the
way you do business, and cement stronger customer relationships.

Marketing Materials

We’ll help you get the word out for your business, event, product or service with beautiful marketing materials, including flyers, “leave-behind” booklets, presentation folders or postcards & mailers.

Brand Essentials

Staples like stationery and business cards go a long way toward keeping your brand front-of-mind with your customers. They’re your first in-person impression, so they’d better look great. 

Special Event Signage

Whether it’s a booth backdrop, a banner, or a tabletop printed piece, we will design signage that gets you noticed at every trade show, convention, and special event. Stand out from the crowd.

Ready to stand out?

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