Email Marketing

ROI Amplified helps you develop crystal-clear goals and strategies, then builds you a
personalized Email Marketing plan designed to achieve (and exceed) those goals.

Email Marketing

Emails are More Important than You May Think

Email Marketing is powerful: it drives traffic to websites, increases e-commerce and in-store sales, and nurtures relationships with your customers.

Are you ready to watch your business grow every time you send an email?

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Marketing Automation

What if you had an email marketing expert working for you around the clock, and it only cost you a fraction of what you’d spend to pay an employee? When you invest in a solid marketing automation platform, your marketing machine works for you 24/7/365, and everyone on your team benefits.

We’ll help you set up your automation platform, build and manage your list and create and share valuable content that builds customer trust.

Customer Retention

You might have the perfect email sales funnel. Your lead generation strategy could be second-to-none. But if you email marketing strategy doesn’t include customer retention, you’re losing money. When you choose ROI Amplified for your email marketing, your customers will continue to engage with your emails— and continue to click “buy” from their inbox.

Loyalty Programs

Are you rewarding your customers when they engage with your content? When they buy your product? When they refer a friend? Designing a comprehensive loyalty program that includes your email marketing strategy turns buyers into brand champions that bring you ongoing revenue and a steady stream of referrals. We’ll build you a profitable loyalty program that leaves every customer feeling the love.

Ready to move your employees over to Gmail?

Google G Suite makes it easy for businesses to centralize their emails, calendars and files all in one place. ROI Amplified can help migrate your company to the Google platform plus we have a code for 20% off your first year. Use one of the codes below on either G Suite Basic or G Suite Business.

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Grow your business with an organized email marketing strategy.