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Free Website Grader 

With ROI Amplified’s Free Website Grader, you will instantly see how your SEO stacks up! Simply enter your URL and get a report in seconds with a full list of ways you can improve your site right now.

roi amplified's live website grader

This just in: ROI Amplified Introduces the Website Grader

This simple but powerful tool quickly analyzes your website and gives you real recommendations in seconds by simply entering your URL and an email address.

Your ability to execute marketing strategies hinges on providing a user-friendly experience on your website. Even with the best marketing strategies, a bad website experience will cause you to lose the sale.

Slow page speeds affect this, but what about other factors that cause potential customers to bounce? How do you know if your website will pass Google’s grade?

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ROI Amplified's website grader

What You Get

Within 60 seconds, our automated reporting system gives you grades on all your website metrics plus improvements you can implement moving forward.

Overall Performance

We pull all of your stats together and come up with an overall website grade.


From meta descriptions to keywords, the SEO grader dives into the analytics for all the answers.


See how your site performs from both a mobile and desktop perspective.


Get an in-depth look at your page sizes and more to see what's weighing down your site speed.


Your social score is important for customer communication and brand awareness.


Get the measurement of your site security and make sure your data is protected.

Ran your report? Now what?



Go over all of the recommended changes and see how your website can be improved.

Narrow Down

Identify which recommendations you can implement in-house (Expert Tip: Start with the meta descriptions)


Come back a do a re-test to ensure you’ve successfully implemented your changes.


For all remaining tasks that you can’t optimize, we recommend setting up a consultation with us to get the ball rolling.

Setup a Call

Schedule a consultation with one of our experts to see what additional recommendations we have to amplify your marketing. ROI Amplified is not only a proud Google Partner but a full-service, award-winning marketing agency.

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Do you build websites?

Yes, it’s something we do best. Our creative team will work with you one-on-one to develop and build out your vision until you get the website that is perfect for your business.

What are meta descriptions?

A meta description is a sentence of 155 characters that summarizes the content of a page. Optimizing a meta description on every page is crucial for on-page SEO because it is one of the first things a search engine reads when it crawls your site. Read Our SEO Guide for More Info on Meta Descriptions.

What can I do if my site isn't secure?

If your site is not secure, contact your hosting provider and they can help you set up an SSL certificate so that your site is good to go. Need help installing your SSL?

Do you offer SEO services?

Absolutely. Our SEO services range from on-page SEO to local. We can push you organically to the top of Google and get you in front of more potential customers.

What are mobile and desktop scores?

Technology is very important in the design of your website. Users either browse your site from a desktop computer or a mobile device. Your mobile and desktop scores let you know how well your site is displayed on different devices.

How do I integrate my Google Analytics?

In order to set up tracking through Analytics on your website, you will need to install a tracking code into the <body> of your site.