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Franchise Marketing Agency

We are the #1 Franchise Marketing Agency in the United States

ROI Amplified is the preferred franchise marketing agency for some of the biggest franchises in the United States.

With years of franchise marketing experience, we fully understand all that goes into franchise marketing. From Franchise lead development to managing local marketing for your franchisees (or z’s as we call them) we have the expertise and experience to grow your franchise.

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Hiring a Marketing Agency that
Understands All 4 Facets of Franchising is Crucial:

Corporate Marketing- Your Franchisees are Your Customers

Local Marketing Services for Your Franchisees

Local Marketing for Any Corporate-Owned Stores

Franchise Lead Development to Help your Franchise Grow

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Franchise Lead Development

Franchise Lead development is a breeze with ROI Amplified. We’ve helped grow some of the biggest franchises in the country through our franchise lead development services. No matter which digital advertising channel is best for your business, we’ve proven we can get you results!

  • Google Ads 
  • Facebook/Instagram Ads
  • Linkedin Ads
  • Other directories

Most other franchise marketing agencies will focus on vanity metrics and give you a pdf. We believe in focusing on qualified leads and track everything through our 24/7 dashboard so you know exactly where every penny is going for your campaigns. 

Don’t waste another minute with other digital marketing agencies with no franchise experience.

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franchise marketing services
Corporate Marketing & Management of Franchisees

Local Marketing Services for Franchisees

Your Franchisees, or z’s as we like to call them, care more about what’s going on locally for them than what’s happening at corporate. You need a marketing agency you can trust to:

  • Improve Communication to the Field
  • Provide Transparent Reporting that’s Easy to Understand
  • Most Importantly, GET THEM RESULTS

When ROI Amplified takes over the digital marketing for your franchisees you have one less thing to worry about. We’ll drive customers to their business so you don’t have franchisees bothering you about leads. The best part is we can do this all at a lower monthly cost than if they were to come to us on their own. It’s a great value add to any Franchise’s to add ROI Amplified to their team!

Local Marketing Services for your Corporate Stores

Chances are your corporate office might still own some stores at any given time. Seamlessly have ROI Amplified manage those corporate stores just as we do for your franchisee local stores. We also encourage using corporate stores as test subjects for new programs! This way the corporate executives can test every new marketing program on themselves first prior to sharing it with the field!

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Local Marketing Services for your Corporate Stores

Corporate Marketing & Management of Franchisees

Franchisees look to corporate to have a user-friendly clean view on what’s going on in all facets of their business marketing being a key component on that. Chances are you already have some sort of portal for your franchisees. We like to produce clean mobile-friendly portals where franchisees can:

  • View Results from National and local campaigns
  • See upcoming national promotions
  • See marketing materials (Past, Current, and Future)
  • Order Marketing Materials when needed
  • Live chat with our staff/ your staff
  • Fill out ticket requests
  • Download forms
  • Downloadables for devices (screen backgrounds, etc)
  • Marketing Portal

Digital Marketing Services we Offer Franchises:

  • Google Ads Management
  • Website Services
  • SEO
  • Email Marketing
  • Print
  • Email
  • Reputation Management
  • Local SEO (Google My Business and Directories)
Digital Marketing Services we Offer Franchises:

Learn How ROI Amplified Can Help Improve Your Franchise Marketing Strategy

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