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Why You Need a Full-Service Marketing Agency

on March 12, 2019

Why You Need a Full-Service Marketing Agency
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Choosing a full-service marketing agency that can do everything will drastically improve your results. When you’re ready to add to the current marketing plan and start using the internet to boost your business, it’s imperative you choose the right marketing agency that can handle all of your digital marketing needs. Instead of piecing together “experts” and freelancers to help market your business, choose a full-service marketing agency that can do everything!

Why You Need a Full-Service Marketing Agency

You have more options than ever before when you want to start marketing online or if you want to boost your current marketing plan by adding more digital services. If you aren’t careful, however, you could end up working with a bunch of different agencies who all work on just one piece of your overall marketing plan. This can cause issues and mean you aren’t reaching out to all of the consumers who are looking for you.

Fragmented Marketing – How it Happens

Many business owners start their journey to get online by working with the same marketing agency they use for more traditional methods. The issue is, these agencies often don’t have a lot of experience with digital marketing. Business owners then look into techniques they want to take advantage of and find an expert that can handle that technique. As they continue to branch out, they end up working with many different marketing agencies. Each of these agencies specializes in a different type of digital marketing. This is fragmented marketing. The business is hiring multiple different agencies or freelancers to help them with the marketing plan. The business owner will need to piece everything together. Fragmented marketing may not lead to the results they were hoping for.

The Downside to Fragmented Marketing

Fragmented marketing, quite simply, doesn’t work. There are too many people working for the same business and none of them actually work together. This leads to a lack of cohesion that can fracture the branding, send mixed signals to potential customers, and lead to many lost opportunities for the business. Everything isn’t going to work as seamlessly as the business owner had hoped and they’ll still end up with quite a bit of work to do to make sure everything works together as much as possible. Business owners will need to coordinate with the different agencies or freelancers on their own and scramble to find someone else to take over the work if an agency goes out of business or a freelancer decides to switch directions and choose a different type of marketing to work on.

The New Way of Marketing Businesses

Marketing your business doesn’t need to be this difficult. You don’t need to work with multiple agencies or freelancers and you don’t need to spend a lot of your time piecing everything together or sending messages between agencies to make sure everything works cohesively. Instead, you’ll want to choose a full-service marketing agency. This agency is going to do everything for you. They handle everything so you don’t have to and they can make sure every part of your marketing plan works seamlessly to boost the results you can get from it.

What Will a Full-Service Marketing Agency Do?

A full-service marketing agency handles all of the different digital marketing techniques you can use to promote your business. They handle content creation, advertising online, website development, app development, inbound and outbound marketing, and many other tasks. They also strategically plan all marketing techniques to ensure everything works and will work on the branding for your business. This helps make sure everything looks like it belongs together and helps your customers start to recognize your business when they’re online. They can also help with event advertising, social media marketing, and with helping boost the image of your business online.

The agency will have a team of people working on the marketing for your business. One person cannot handle everything expertly, so there will be different people working on the different techniques that are used. However, since each member of the team works with the same agency, they can all work on the marketing for your company and make sure it all works together without any issues. The communication between team members helps everything proceed faster and ensures you don’t have to try to piece together all of the different marketing techniques on your own. They will handle this for you to make sure it all fits to help you reach your goals.

Focus on Getting Results

The main goal should be to boost your business, bring in more leads, and work toward higher profits. A full-service marketing agency will have the same goals as you for your business. The multitude of services offered by the agency is designed to work together to get you the results you’re looking for. Their focus is on doing whatever is necessary to help your business and they’ll use the different marketing techniques as well as the talents of the team members to reach these goals. They focus on getting you results so you have less to worry about and are able to work on reaching the goals you have for the business.

Access to the Skills and Experience You Need

Each and every technique that’s used in digital marketing requires experience and skills. This is why fragmented marketing can happen very easily. Businesses look for experts for each technique they want to use, causing them to work with a variety of agencies and freelancers. A full-service marketing agency, on the other hand, already has all of this. They already have experience working on a variety of different marketing techniques. The team working on marketing your business consists of experts in many different areas who can work together. They all have different talents and skills, which can be used for content creation, social media marketing, search engine marketing, branding and more. You get the collective experience of the entire group when you work with a full-service marketing agency instead of needing to find many different experts to market your business.

The Leading Edge of Trends and Technology

When the internet started getting more prevalent, digital marketing was minimal. Over the years, many new techniques have been created and it has become almost impossible to fully market a business without taking advantage of the internet. With the speed of change, it’s crucial to work with a marketing agency that can keep up. A full-service marketing agency should be on the leading edge of the newest trends and should be able to keep up with innovative new technology. This helps to reach out to more consumers, helping the business continue to grow. Agencies that stay on the cutting edge of technology and trends are able to target potential customers better. They can get the right offers to the right customers at the exact right time. This helps encourage more sales, can bring in far more leads, and is going to be a significant boost in how many consumers the business can reach online.

Scalability When You Need It

Marketing techniques used should be flexible and this is one area where a full-service agency really shines. They make it possible to scale efforts up or down for just about any reason. When you have a new product to release, marketing can be enhanced to reach more potential customers who may be interested. If you have a certain season where you don’t have as many sales, you can taper down the marketing during that season to save money and boost it again during busier seasons. No matter why you want to scale your marketing, it can be done.

On top of scaling the marketing to better fit your business, full-service marketing agencies can scale how far your business reaches online to meet new goals. If you’re a small business right now and operate locally, they can fully market your business. When you grow, if you decide to expand to have a more global reach, you can continue to work with the same marketing agency. They’ll scale the marketing they do to reach further and help you start getting global leads for your business.

Get Fresh Ideas for Your Marketing

If your current marketing plan isn’t working right now, why isn’t it working? When you’re in the middle of everything, it can be hard for you to really see what’s working and what might need to be adjusted to work better. Working with a full-service marketing agency allows you to get a fresh perspective on your current plan. They can see what’s not working and bring new ideas to help make your marketing plan do more. With a variety of people all working as a team, there will continue to be new ideas for how to market your business better and they can continue to improve your marketing plan so it keeps up with technology and trends and to ensure it keeps doing more for your business.

Save Money on Your Marketing Expenses

Of course, with everything a full-service marketing agency can do, it’s easy to think that the cost may be a bit out of reach. The reality is, the agency can help you save quite a bit of money. If you’re currently dealing with fragmented marketing, you’re spending a lot of money on each expert you work with. A full-service marketing agency already has everyone needed to market your business, so you don’t need to pay each expert individually. It’s also less expensive than hiring an in-house marketing expert or team. The agency already has an experienced staff. You won’t have to worry about the cost of hiring experts, upgrading your office space, or training new staff members. The full-service agency already has everything and can be an affordable way for your business to get marketing assistance.

Comprehensive Analytics So You See Results

What are the results you’re getting from your current marketing plan? Can you easily see where your money is going or what the return is on your investment? A full-service marketing agency provides comprehensive analytics so you can see exactly where your money is going and what you’re getting for your investment. They make it easy for you to see the entire marketing plan at once and check what’s bringing in more profits or customers.

Comprehensive Analytics

Check the analytics using tools provided by the marketing agency. Review the big picture of how your marketing is working. Check individual techniques to see how effective they are. You’ll be able to clearly see how everything works together to get better results for your business.

Choose the Right Full-Service Marketing Agency

Once you’ve decided to work with a full-service marketing agency, you need to find the right one. Since marketing will be a huge investment for your business, choose an agency to work with carefully. Check to make sure the agency has experience in your industry. Work with an agency that can offer a cohesive proposal of how they’ll help your business and what they can do to help you bring in more leads. Take a look at references for the agency as well as past projects and examples of their previous work. Once you find the right agency to work with, you can start taking advantage of their expertise and experience to boost your business.

Whether you’re just starting to get your business online or you’re worried your current marketing plan isn’t working, a full-service marketing agency can help. If you’re still dealing with fragmented marketing in 2019, you’re missing out on a lot of potential. Fragmented marketing can impact your brand as a whole and can lead to many lost opportunities for your business. If you want results and you want to do as much as possible to help your business grow, start working with a full-service marketing agency today. Their expertise and ability to do everything will help your business reach more leads and ensure you will get the results you’re looking for.

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