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Marketing Tips to Keep Your Customers Engaged

on June 22, 2018

Marketing Tips
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If you have low conversion or engagement rates, you may be boring your customers. But things can only get better from here. We have put together some marketing tips that can help you with your customer engagement. 

Marketing Tips

Marketing Tips

It’s important to note that you may well have areas of high engagement within your site and your content already that are not self-evident.

In addition, To uncover existing strengths and opportunities, we recommend conducting a site audit, complete with reporting and analytics.

Need inspiration? We’ve been paying attention to what catches eyes— and gets clicks. To emphasize the importance of customer engagement, here’s what we’ve learned about what best engages followers and customers when it comes to digital marketing (and why).


Engagement Strategy

Why Customers Love It

Multichannel Marketing: Using all channels (social media, email, web content, etc.) to promote your brandSince different people prefer different channels, there’s something for customers of every temperament and online communication style.
Omnichannel Marketing: When a brand has seamless integration of all its platforms so that a customer could start their journey on one device and end it on another (very popular with ecommerce)They don’t have to deal with separate logins, separate carts, and separate transaction histories. Everything is synced up no matter the platform.
Chatbots: Bots that use AI and machine learning to respond to customer inquiries online and on social, whether or not the business itself is open (and in spite of how many followers the brand has).Instant gratification, concise answers, and clear paths to action are all immediately offered by bots as soon as a customer sends a message.
Personalization: Emails and other communication specific to a customer’s current stage in their buyer journey. It could also include things like holiday and birthday greetings, location-specific ads, etc.No one likes spam, and everyone likes to feel they are receiving relevant, thoughtful communication.
Partnerships: Brands teaming up (via affiliate or influencer marketing) to offer mutual benefit to one another and complementary services to customers.Adds variety to the products, services, and new information customers and followers have available.
Social Consciousness: Corporate Responsibility (eco-friendliness, open-mindedness, and giving back to the community are only growing in importance with customers.Customers consider purchases of investments in the future of a company. They are increasingly preferring their investments to have positive ramifications in their community and/or globally.
Loyalty Programs and Incentives: Offering rewards and exclusive content to customers who show particular interest or engagement.Loyalty begets loyalty. People who receive regular rewards for their purchases/engagement are far more likely to be repeat buyers and brand champions.

Try it Out

In short, a conscious effort to be inviting and personable invites customer engagement with a brand, just as it would in any other relationship.

And the good news is, you don’t have to have a big budget to have a vibrant, engaged following. You can start with your current budget, and build your services to scale with your business. To conclude, Don’t forget to comment and let us know what other marketing tips you would like to see!


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