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Google Ads and Mobile App Engagement Campaigns

on June 21, 2018

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Google knows the power of mobile-first. So it’s no surprise you can use Google Ads to create and bid on campaigns designed to drive engagement with your mobile app.

Mobile App Engagement

Mobile App Engagement

If you want to increase usage of your app or call users to action within your app, Mobile App Engagement Campaigns should be near the top of your Google Ads to-do list.

To make building these campaigns easier, we recommend linking to your Google Play Developer account.

It’s a good idea to count app actions as conversions with respect to your campaign.

Examples of such conversion-actions your campaigns encourage could include:

  • Repeat App Usage
  • App Opens
  • Take/Complete Actions Within the App (Buy, Share, Etc.)
  • Increased Frequency of Usage
  • Prolonged App Usage
  • Use of Specific Features, Updates, Etc.

You may notice this list doesn’t include app installs. That’s because there’s a separate Google Ads campaign type (Mobile App Installs) that’s a perfect fit for that goal.

It’s worth noting that the Display Network is an asset when it comes to boosting mobile app engagement through Google Ads. That’s because you can bid on ads within other apps, to be shown to users who have downloaded your app. This is particularly useful when you have a new offer, feature, or update to promote.

As for the Search Network, your ads will appear on the mobile phones and tablets of people who have used your app in the past. This is particularly useful when your app might provide them with something they were already searching for via Google. [Quick note: this feature is, for now, only available for Android apps.]

In addition to these campaigns, there are a few other things the pros at Google recommend when it comes to encouraging and increasing engagement:

  • Track in-app engagement (with a tool like Firebase).
  • Create compelling copy encouraging the convenience and overall benefits of app usage.
  • Use deep links to send people straight to the action screens of your apps.
  • Cross-promote your apps across your channels and platforms.

No doubt this will get you well on your way to success with your Mobile App Engagement campaigns on the  Google Ads platform. If you need extra help, we have a great Google Ads guide you can download at no cost to you.


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