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Why You Should Hire a Google Partner

on August 9, 2018

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You have a choice when it comes to your marketing: spend untold hours (and dollars) doing it yourself while trying to run your business, work with a “digital marketer” with dubious credentials, or hire a Google Partner.

Working With a Google Partner

Working With a Google Partner

ROI Amplified is proud to be a Certified Google Partner — a recognition that tells businesses their advertising dollars are in good hands when you work with us. If Google trusts us, you can too!

Specialized Experts

You don’t have to wonder whether someone is a Google Partner or not, just look for their badge. It shows their Google Partner status and their areas of specialization.

To see their focus areas, hover over (or tap) the three dot icon in the top-right corner.

Our badge shows we are a Google Partner with up-to-date certifications in:

  • Search Ads: Search ads show at the top, or on the right sidebar, of Google users’ Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).
  • Display Ads: Display ads use banners, text, flash, images, audio, and video to advertise on websites, apps or social media platforms. To date, the Display Network (GDN) includes over 2 million sites— and counting!
  • Mobile Ads: These ads are built for mobile search users. According to Google, 82% of smartphone users search for businesses near them using their mobile device. Mobile ads include YouTube video ads, search ads, graphics display ads and in-app advertising.

Trusted By Google

Google Partners are certified to work with Google products, meaning you’re getting certified experts working on your digital advertising. To earn our certification we must:

1.Complete Rigorous Training

Google Partners have an extensive education in Google Ads best practices. Our expertise includes:

  • Optimizing ad text, titles, descriptions, and media for mobile, display, and search
  • Understanding data and analytics
  • Choosing and bidding on keywords
  • Prioritizing keywords and ad groups
  • Preventing wasteful spending
  • Google Ads billing
  • Building ad groups
  • Smart campaign budgeting
  • Timing the start or stop of a campaign
  • Understanding why a campaign/ad group/keyword isn’t working (and how to fix it)

BONUS: Certification updates and renewal are ongoing. Our knowledge and skills base grows with Google— and your ad campaigns reap the benefits.

Stop getting hung up on the complicated procedures and reporting behind creating successful campaigns. You no longer have to waste your valuable time and hard-earned advertising dollars. Working with a Google Partner is a savvy investment, with real returns.

2. Meet Google’s Performance Standard

Certification is more than Google saying, “These folks know their stuff”. Google Partners demonstrate proven expertise and results that meet standards for excellence in digital advertising.

Easy access to Insights

We all know the frustration of calling a large corporation and trying to talk to a person, much less the right person with the exact answer to your specific question. Searching support forums can be helpful, but their answers may not be as detailed enough.

With a Google Partner in your corner, there’s no more touch tone limbo, no more long waits, no more forum rabbit holes and no more “please-hold” elevator music.

Google Partners have exclusive access to experts. Campaign issues are resolved, and your questions answered, faster and more completely than when you go it alone.

Algorithm Changes

Google makes hundreds of algorithm changes a year, and 50 Google Ads updates and features have already been added to their new tracking website.

When you add an interface revamp to the scores of incremental changes, it’s enough to make your head spin. Unless you’re a working with a Google Partner who knows about updates as soon as they happen, and understands their implications for your campaigns.

You Get Dibs

Many of the changes rolled out are features that may improve your ads, and get them more clicks from more relevant searches. Since we get the first look (and first use) of Google Ads Betas, we use the latest tools, tips, and techniques on your ads.

Google Partners are here to help, from campaign set up to completion. We build, manage and monitor your campaigns. Our commitment to transparent reporting means you stay in the loop no matter what.

We access up-to-the-minute data, and we pass insights, updates and suggested strategies straight to you. Our analytics experts ensure you aren’t wasting money and adapt your campaigns to keep you on track— and on budget.

Cut Rate Or First Rate?

When your brand and business are at stake, do you really want to cut corners? Or would you rather invest in a partnership that shares insider knowledge, promotional offers and expert advice, right when you need it?

We’re proud to be part of a community of professionals and industry leaders committed to helping their clients excel at ethical, cutting-edge digital advertising.

Get noticed without sending another cent down the drain. Make your advertising investment count. Team up with a Certified Google Partner.