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Do I Need a Digital Marketing Agency? Yes! Here’s Why.

on January 17, 2020

digital marketing graphic displaying marketing aspects
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Did you know that 28 percent of Millennials report regularly using three or more devices at the same time? Or, that Millennials check their phones on average 150 times per day?

As for Americans from other generations, digital media rules, too. Your average American reports spending approximately six hours and 42 minutes online.

The fascinating stats don’t stop there. Thirty-four percent of consumers say they’d make an unplanned purchase if a brand showed them highly personalized content.

What do all of these figures demonstrate? You need to hire a digital marketing agency. Otherwise, you stand to lose out on the biggest marketing revolution of modern history.

Why hire a digital marketing agency? To gain more exposure and reach new markets. To grow your business as well as avoid getting left in the dust.

Keep reading to find out more about the fabulous benefits you’ll reap by hiring professionals!

digital marketing graphic displaying marketing aspects

What Is a Digital Marketing Agency?

Before diving into specifics, let’s start with a little foundational knowledge about what a digital marketing agency is.

Unlike traditional marketing firms that rely on outdated media such as television commercials, newspaper ads, and radio spots to drum up business, digital marketing agencies leverage the internet on your brand’s behalf.

They do this through a data-driven approach of targeted brand promotion, relying on the latest technology.

The result? An exceedingly organized, highly targeted approach that yields measurable results in real-time.

The last bit about real-time proves a critical benefit of what digital marketing has to offer. You see, the technologies associated with digital marketing allow you to test your strategies and keep tabs on your results continuously.

That way, you can make adjustments and react as needed to ensure your company gets the most bang for your buck. If you’re familiar with traditional forms of marketing, then you understand the marvelous nature of this capability.

The Reason They Were “Mad Men”

After all, it wasn’t that long ago that companies had to bet everything, including the kitchen sink, on untested marketing strategies that might or might not produce desired results.

They had no flexibility when it came to adjustments during a campaign. So, while you might still envy the “Mad Men” of the past because they only had a few channels to choose from, thereby making their lives simpler, think again.

They also had to wait around helplessly as campaigns fell apart, and they didn’t even know it until after the fact. Yikes!

Don’t Fall Down the Jack-of-All-Trades Rabbit Hole

Yes, technology means juggling more channels than ever before. It also means learning how to read and understand data.

It requires staying at the forefront of the latest technologies and apps so that you can best leverage them for your brand.

Do you know what it doesn’t mean, though?

Digital marketing has gotten rid of the guesswork, and that’s a fantastic development that you need to take advantage of.

That said, these observations only prove true when you work with a competent digital marketing firm. Why? Because if you try to do it alone, you’ll never be able to fully maximize the process the way that an agency’s team of experts can.

Trying to be the business equivalent of a “Jack-of-all-trades” comes with the realization that you’re a “master of none.” If this doesn’t prove detrimental to the growth of your company then I don’t know what will.

Running a Business Is a 24/7 Job

I probably don’t need to remind you that running a business represents an all-consuming job and then some. It requires massive amounts of dedication, energy, time, and optimism.

Attempting to handle it all leads to burnout and inefficient performance across the board. If you’re already working 24/7 on keeping your company running, why throw digital marketing into the mix?

Instead, leave it to a team of experts to position your company as a leader of your industry. They’ll provide you with the brand exposure you need to really get things hopping.

The same way you hire servers to take orders or an accountant to handle your books, you need to hire a reputable digital marketing agency to manage your needs.

Allocating responsibilities leads to greater efficiencies when done correctly. Why not make 2020 the year you transform your business into a lean, mean lead-generating machine?

The Not-So-Subtle Differences Between Digital Marketing and Marketing Agencies

Alright, maybe I’ve convinced you that you need to find a marketing agency to help you out. Let’s unpack that a bit more.

You see, not just any marketing agency will do. You need a digital marketing agency. Why? Because only a digital marketing agency will have the knowledge and the tools to cement your brand’s prestige on the internet.

If you want to be forward-thinking and get the most bang for your buck, it’s the only way to go. As for marketing agencies? They represent relics of the past.

Sure, many offer some online marketing services. But that’s only because they have to.

Why Settle for the Power Rangers Over the Avengers?

You don’t want a team of professionals who are set in their ways and unwilling to explore the brave new world of marketing that’s out there. People and companies like this are going by the wayside for a reason.

Instead, look for a dynamic group of individuals who remain at the forefront of new technologies and strategies. Otherwise, you risk ending up with digital resources that do you little good.

For example, you might gain visually pleasing landing pages. But what’s the point if they don’t attract heavy traffic? Or, these landing pages are only convenient for viewing on a laptop?

The same goes for websites. There’s more to fabulous website design than pretty pictures. Here are some design tips to consider.

Don’t trade no attention for lousy attention. Instead, do your homework and find a trustworthy digital ad agency that knows how to translate your company’s vision into concrete objectives that are measurable and repeatable.

Find a firm that has assembled a top-notch team of experts to ensure you get the most for your marketing dollars. In other words, go with the Avengers instead of settling for the Power Rangers.

Digital Marketing Agency Benefits to Consider

Whether you’ve got a well-established corporation, small business, or startup, you need to work with a digital marketing agency.

Why? Because they’ll help you stay ahead of the curve. They’ll also ensure that your brand and message remain relevant and compelling.

What’s more, the team you work with will be digital experts. They’ll come with knowledge of where things are trending and help you take the greatest advantage of these insights.

What Distinguishes the Best Digital Marketing Agencies

A fantastic digital marketing team will also help you gain an overview of your industry’s competitive landscape.

They’ll assist you in developing a thorough picture of who your target audience is so that you can find the most efficient ways to reach out to them.

The agency will keep track of measurable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to ensure your campaign is performing as effectively as possible. And they’ll make adjustments as needed to position your brand better online.

Best of all? You don’t have to worry about any of these responsibilities! To get started, all you need to do is share your company’s vision, objectives, and timeframe with them.

Then, sit back and let them handle the rest. An exceptional digital marketing agency will match the goals of your company with the many products and services they offer, developing innovative ways to increase brand awareness.

Strategies Employed by Digital Marketing Companies to Ramp Up Brand Exposure

Measurable objectives, strategic allocation of resources, cutting edge knowledge of the digital landscape. These factors all represent the key benefits of hiring a digital marketing group.

You may, at this point, be wondering how they achieve all of this. Let’s take a look at some of the tactics they’ll discuss with you as you move forward in your relationship.

They may suggest strategies such as:

  • Enrolling your business in an SEM or SEO campaign to increase website traffic and attract a larger audience
  • Writing valuable copy and meta descriptions for your target audience
  • Designing a new website for your business
  • Taking part in cross-channel social media campaigns
  • Revamping your website and landing pages, so they’re mobile-friendly
  • Defining your brand strategy to reach your goals
  • Content planning for the most efficient calendar of current and future goals
  • User experience design to keep people engaged on your site

These all represent strategic services that rely on a designed action to achieve the desired outcome. Each one involves a combination of technical and creative skills to reach your company’s objectives, hence the need for a team effort.

From Optimized Strategy to Creative Application

Once you’ve got a strategic plan in place, the digital marketing team you work with will begin executing the project. Here’s where you’ll notice other differences between traditional marketing efforts and those of today’s digital groups.

Traditional marketing materials focus on products and services, highlighting their varied features. This approach has no resonance when it comes to today’s consumer, however.

Why not? Because today’s consumer expects a personalized experience, and they want to connect with a company and its products on a deeper level. To do this, your digital marketing agency will craft the story of your company and product.

Crafting the Story of Your Brand

They’ll generate a personal experience and one that connects prospects with your brand through emotion. Storytelling also provides the ideal vehicle for intertwining your brand’s message with the lifestyle of your target audience.

An exceptional digital marketing team will create content that communicates a powerful message and one that resonates with consumers on an emotive level.

This approach functions within the framework of the strategy that the agency has already constructed. When appropriately executed, the results will yield your brand pure marketing gold.

After all, content is king. There’s a reason for this, but if you don’t have the right team to handle your optimized strategy and its creative application, then your campaign will fizzle before it even starts.

Digital branding, copywriting, and visual creatives all represent crucial aspects of a solid digital marketing plan. You don’t want to leave any of these elements to chance.

Things to Keep in Mind Before You a Hire a Digital Marketer

Now that you’ve got a better sense of what a digital marketing firm can do for you let’s cover some tips to help you find the best team for your online marketing needs.

Start by doing your research. Look for a company that’s familiar with your industry and business model. Check out their online reviews and talk to people who have worked with them in the past to get a better sense of what they can offer you.

Make transparency a critical requirement when considering which digital marketing agency to hire. If an agency you talk to isn’t willing to explain their process or why it works, then move on.

You should also ask them about how they report on the results they get. Otherwise, what’s the point if you don’t have access to these numbers?

Like other consultants you consider working with, you should request their portfolio. This portfolio should include examples of their most recent work and, ideally, case studies about past clients.

Finally, communication is vital. Find out more about how an agency communicates with clients. Then, think about whether or not this approach will work for your company and personal managerial style.

The Right Digital Marketing Strategy Agency

Are you ready to take the leap and ramp up your digital marketing efforts with a team of professionals? If so, there’s never been a better time to find a digital marketing agency.

Contact us to discuss your vision for the future and how we can collaborate to make this your big money year!

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