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The Benefits of SEO Services and Why You Need Them for Your Business

on October 10, 2019

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Business is booming: your company is growing its client base, gaining valuable experience in the marketplace, and local businesses are starting to catch wind of your valuable products.

So what if your website and content strategy isn’t exactly brag-worthy, selling to the clients you have now is all you’ll ever need, right?… Wrong!

If your company isn’t optimizing the value of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), it’s missing out on the numerous benefits of SEO in the modern world.

Reaching the client has never been easier than having an efficient website that harnesses the power of Google.

Here are several advantages of SEO, and why you should be reaching out to an SEO service as soon as possible!

benefits of SEO

1. Knowledge of SEO

Many companies take pride in avoiding the cost of using a third party by maximizing the talent they have in-house to achieve a new aspect of its business.

While that’s certainly an admirable trait of successful businesses, SEO is probably a business skill set that your in-house talent isn’t too familiar with.

So, if you decide to have your marketing team take a crack at it, they may be missing key portions of the SEO algorithm without realizing it. That means you’re bound to see little-to-no return on investment for their “efforts”.

Instead, opt for an SEO service that knows the ins and outs of the all-encompassing world of Search Engine Optimization.

You may be thinking What information could these SEO services possibly have that my marketing/IT team doesn’t? Glad you asked!

There are hundreds of SEO terms that your team may be unfamiliar with such as content management system, search engine results page, pay-per-click, bounce rate… you get the idea.

Those are the more common terms of SEO, so if those threw you for a loop then you’re in for a world of hurt if you try SEO on your own.

The idea is that you have someone in control of your site who knows these marketing terms off the top of their head and can integrate it to your website faster than you can say “landing page”.

2. Smooth User Experience

It’s no longer acceptable to have a website for your company that has it’s content in huge, chunky paragraph blocks and 10,000 pages to map through.

Site visitors want useful information in chopped-up sentences and helpful keywords to direct them to relevant topics on various pages in your site. If your site can’t offer that, then they’ll never return.

SEO services can help you design your website layout to improve its performance and up the bounce rate in your site insights.

They can also help get that website into an aesthetically-pleasing format filled with beautiful photos, support text, and helpful content to create a user experience your competitors’ site can’t match.

One of the biggest portions of your site that you may not be considering is its mobile-friendliness. If your site isn’t modified to fit the screen of a smartphone, you’re in big trouble.

Did you know, for the first time ever, customers are Googling and visiting sites on their phone more than a desktop? You can expect that percentage to continue to climb.

So if your site is unpleasing to those users that open it with their mobile phones, you’re almost guaranteed to lose half of your potential customers.

Ultimately, you want your site to be an avenue of increased clicks, lead generation, and building your brand. Those can only be achieved through the power of SEO. Period.

3. Clean SEO Maneuvering

Just as with anything else in business and in life: there’s an ethical and unethical way to go about increasing your SEO.

While you may believe the SEO world to be the wild west of the internet, there are actually solidified terms and conditions associated with it. Not abiding by these rules will cause your site to sink all the way to the back search result pages.

Because of these regulations, there have been two sides of SEO methods that have formed: those that abide by the terms and conditions (White Hat Method-ers) and those that do not (Black Hat Method-ers).

Needless to say, you’re going to want to team up with a White Hat SEO Service and build your online presence that way.

Black hat services will use sketchy maneuvering such as keyword overkill, doorway pages, integrating unrelated keywords to their content, and switching out their top-ranked search page with another page on their site.

All of those tactics can be detrimental to your site’s SEO once Google catches on to your dirty tricks.

Even if the Black Hat tactics did work on Google’s top search results (which it won’t), site visitors these days are more knowledgeable than ever, and would see right through the sketchy site.

Meanwhile, White Hat services go about the right way by optimizing the “Goldilocks” amount of keywords, analyzing keyword trends, embedding links, and writing personable content.

With White Hat tactics, you can start to build a rapport with your site users the moment they click on a link to your site. The wholesome content will create a useful element to your brand and sell your products through genuine conversation.

4. Primary Lead Source

Hire an SEO service and see how quickly your website becomes your company’s primary source for lead generation… it’s astounding!

Time after time, business websites become the main haul of potential customers and warm leads that companies desperately long for.

The best part? They’re coming to you, not the other way around!

Looking for your company to maximize its endeavors in B2B? SEO can help you get there.

Trying to step further into the B2C pool and get your brand out into the individual client’s marketplace? No sweat for SEO.

Because SEO streamlines your online activities such as social media, content writing, and email marketing, you can expect results for a wider range of clientele than ever before.

Things like keyword analysis and embedded links can help you customize your content to target a certain aspect of the marketplace you’ve never been able to reach before.

5. Quicker Results

Think about it: when you have an issue with the pipes in your plumbing system, you call a professional plumber to fix it.

When your wireless router goes out at home and you don’t know what to do, you call the professional wireless installer to come out and take a look.

Why wouldn’t you do the same for your SEO?

Rather than aimlessly installing a few keywords and links into the unnecessarily-long paragraphs on your site, have an SEO service develop a plan of attack.

You tell them what you want to see from the site’s facelift, they can construct a plan to get those results faster than you ever could.

While it may have been hard to justify paying someone for editing your website 10 years ago, the ROI for SEO services has never been higher.

Why? Because once your web page winds up on Google’s top search results, it’s going to get even more clicks and thus, stay up in the top search results for a long time.

But it doesn’t get there in just one quick fix. Your site needs layer after layer of quality content and features to build up a reputation.

Once you’ve listed the goals, your SEO service will know what edits they need to make and in what order they need to make them. From there, they can chip away at one feature while building up the next.

That allows you to start seeing results faster by having one aspect up-and-running for the time being. Once it’s all complete, you will have a dominant SEO presence to be reckoned with.

6. A Strengthened Brand Presence

While it’s been hinted at a few times in this article, it bears repeating that SEO will build your brand faster than any other business tactic.

You’ll start to see brand awareness for your company build in places and cities you’ve never even heard of. You’ll be known in the online community as a brand that provides quality content and life-changing products for its clients.

People desire to do business with companies that have a trustworthy seal of approval from their current clients.

Nothing puts a bigger seal of approval than a top search rating and trending content that’s relevant to the products you sell.

Now, thanks to your friends at the SEO service, you have the potential for revenue every time a user (new or returning) clicks on your site. That’s a level of website-productivity that’s worth its weight in gold.

7. One Less Thing for You to Worry About

Say no more, right?

The one thing you can never have enough of in business is time. Once you put time into a certain aspect of your company, even if it fails, you can never get that time back.

Why waste any more time trying to figure out Search Engine Optimization by yourself when you could hire a company to take care of it for you?

After all, you’ve gotten this far in business from your attention-to-detail, relentless pursuit of efficient operations and hard work. Keep doing what you do best and let your SEO service worry about your online presence.

That’s the most common misconception of SEO today: people assume that they can’t thrive in SEO if they aren’t technologically-savvy.

As you know after reading this far in the article, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

SEO offers your business longterm success, and your SEO service will help you reach that point.

8. Improved Market Share

Despite the growing worldwide client base, each industry’s market will always have a finite amount of clients in it.

Think of the marketplace like a pizza, if you take 3 slices of pizza from a pizza that only has 10 slices available, everyone else has to duke it out for what’s left.

Same principle in SEO: if your content shows up in the top search results, it will take up 33% of the entire search traffic. That means your competitors will have to fight it out amongst themselves for the rest.

Once that 33% of users click on the link to your site, they fall into the “lead” category.

If they find your content to be helpful (which they will, thanks to your SEO service), they are much more likely to buy your product and/or service.

Returning site users not only drive your click and bounce rates, but they also help with word-of-mouth marketing and pushing your site further up the search result rankings!

9. Provides Organization to Your Online Presence

Once you’ve created a strong SEO presence, your brand will do it’s bidding across all of your online marketing efforts.

That means you’ll find more success in your blogging, e-commerce, and social media outlets to name a few. Each of these platforms can help you diversify your user database.

Now, you’ll have a consistent brand across all platforms. If the client loves your blog and wants to follow you on Instagram, they’ll see a follower base that’s consistent with your website user base.

Consistency is King. When your brand’s reach extends across all of your marketing endeavors, it reigns supreme in your industry.

Incorporate the Benefits of SEO into Your Business Today!

Now that you’ve seen a small sample size to the benefits of SEO, it’s time to find an SEO service that will help build your brand!

Be sure to check out this article on 5 reasons your marketing is failing for more information on how ROI Amplified can help you improve your marketing initiatives.

We can help you build a marketing campaign and SEO presence that will preach your message to the world.

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