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How Can the Yoast Local SEO Plugin Help Your Business?

on March 20, 2018

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Yoast Local SEO Plugin Help Your Business

How Yoast Can Improve Your Local SEO

Yoast can help improve your local SEO.

As a refresher, Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specifically refers to how high your site rates on search results from Google users in your neighborhood. It’s particularly important if you own a brick-and-mortar: you want people near your location to know about you.

As you might guess, “there’s a plugin for that”.

Here Are Things You Can do With the Yoast Local SEO Plugin

  • Improve usability/functionality: It makes it easy to add location and hours information to your website, particularly of your contact page.
  • Accuracy: Location accuracy is important since Google needs the exact location of your business to rank you in local SEO. It can also help you keep track of location details for multiple locations.
  • Address(es): The Yoast Local SEO plugin clearly displays company address(es) in a consistent format, and does all the technical legwork necessary for Google (and other search bots) to “read” the information correctly.
  • Google Maps: Along with helping boost your Google rankings, it will be much easier for site users to visualize (and find) your business.
  • Hours: Keep business hours formatting clear and Google Bot readable for all locations
  • Store locator: Customers can insert their address information to quickly find the nearest of your stores.
  • E-commerce-driven businesses: If you do e-commerce with WooCommerce, the Yoast Local SEO Plugin integrates well with your existing WooCommerce setup.

As you can see the Yoast Local SEO Plugin could be a great fit for improving your local SEO (and doing all the formatting for you). Plus they’re quite affordable considering how much it benefits your digital marketing efforts. Here’s to your success! Need help setting up your website plugins? Drop us a line!

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