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X Ways to Make Google Ads Filters Work for You

on March 19, 2018

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Make Google Ads Filters Work for You

Google Ads Filters Can Work for Your Digital Marketing Strategy

There are a variety of Google Ads filters you can apply to gauge effectiveness (and keep you from wasting money on Google Ads in general). Here are a few focus areas we can recommend (not an exhaustive list):

What You Can Filter For What it Does How it Helps
Average Position Shows how your ad ranks against other ads Show what the most successful ads do, and what to avoid
Bid Position How your bid compares to other bids You can curb your bid expenses and check out best practices.
Bidding (Higher than needed) Show keywords you are overbidding on Improves your campaign ROI
Costly Keywords Show most expensive keywords If you have a costly keyword that’s not working, you can stop wasting money.
Matched Keyword Search Term Lists keywords your ads show for You can tell how well your keywords are working, and what to change/adjust/exclude
Poor Quality Score Keywords To look for keywords that are costing above a certain threshold.

Find keywords with the quality score of four or less that are getting clicks

Decide which bids to change, and which campaigns to stop/improve

You can also apply a number of filters in the Ads section. You can find out:

  • Which ads have the highest/lowest impression and conversion rates
  • Most/least cost-effective ads
  • Which ads to pause
  • Ads with the highest (or lowest) position
  • Which ad copy is the most effective
  • Ads that generate the most engagement on your site

There are ways you can explore and evaluate the efficiency of your Google Ads campaigns. It’s built into the platform. So take the time to use that resource.

We recommend this article to help you visualize how to execute some of these filters. If you get stuck, reach out. There is no reason to waste money on Google Ads!

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