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Work on SEO Before You Redesign your Website

By April 5, 2017September 7th, 2018Brand Development, Digital Marketing, SEO, Web Design

If you’re trying to stay on top of your marketing game, you’ll probably end up having to redesign your website at some point to keep up with the pace of technology. Continue reading to discover why you should work on SEO before you redesign your website.

We’ve seen lots of eager entrepreneurs come to us with a shiny new site— that gets them no leads, no search rankings, and no clients. So back they go to the drawing board

But don’t worry— you can have a dream website without a nightmare. How?

Work on SEO Before You Redesign your Website

Put SEO First

Knowing how your content affects your search engine rankings can be a major advantage when you’re ready to redesign your site. Here are some ways to minimize the negative effects of site overhaul.

  • Develop an SEO planning and evaluation process and get all your teams on board. Not just marketing and upper-level staff. Everyone needs to understand how to tailor and articulate your message in a way that helps your business succeed in a fiercely competitive online market.
    • Once you have a strategy in place, audit your current site for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Only make changes that are necessary to improve your overall SEO. [If you’re stuck, we can help.]
  • Use alt tags and alt texts whenever you can. Lots of people overlook this in their SEO, and it hurts their results.
    • When you’ve decided what tags to use, make sure you stay consistent. Again: don’t worry about making major changes unless you have reason to believe it will help your SEO. Complicated isn’t necessarily better when it comes to how people search online.
  • Make sure your site makes sense— for users and SEO. You could have all the right keywords and tags, but if it’s not intuitive and mobile friendly, your potential leads will quickly move on to the next site that has what they’re looking for—and makes it easier to find.
  • Link your content to itself. Internal links from one page of your site to the other keep people there longer and engage them on a deeper level.
  • Keep your bounce rates down with solid content. Hire a copywriter if you need to–just make sure they understand your voice and your overall SEO approach.
  • If you do need a redesign, there are two things you can’t forget to do. First, test your content to make sure it’s getting results. Second, track your engagement.

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Zack Bowlby

Zack Bowlby is the Chief Executive Officer of ROI Amplified a full-service digital marketing agency located in Tampa, Florida. Before ROI Amplified, Zack worked in highly visible roles at companies such as The Clearwater Marine Aquarium (Home of Winter the Dolphin) and The National Football League (NFL). A Google Advertising expert, Zack has spent well over $40 million dollars in Google Ads in his career. In 2017, he started focusing on Marketing automation systems such as Marketo. Zack and ROI Amplified believe in data-driven solutions and complete transparency with their clients. If you’d like to amplify your marketing dollars consider partnering with ROI Amplified today! Get on Zack’s Schedule Today