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Why Do I Need a Marketing Agency?

on January 27, 2020

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How well would you say you’re prepared to plan and execute a marketing plan for your business? Could marketing agency services benefit your business?

Some people may say that their marketing plan is flawless. Others may say that theirs needs a lot of work. A few people reading this may say they don’t have any solid plans for marketing.

Regardless of what you’re doing, you should know that marketing agency services can help you reach your goals.

Whether you have an in-house team of marketers or are just starting to build out a marketing plan, the right agency can help you plan and execute important parts of your marketing strategy.

Are you not convinced that hiring a marketing firm can help your business?

After we take some time to examine what agencies can do for you and why you need them, you’ll wonder why you haven’t already found an agency to work with.

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What Marketing Agency Services Can I Utilize?

Before we dive into the reasons why your business can benefit from a marketing agency, we’re going to spend a little time discussing what a marketing agency can do for you.

Digital marketing has become so important for businesses and is in a constant state of change. You may not be aware of all of the services they can provide businesses of all sizes.

If you hire a marketing agency, you could have help with the following important marketing services.

Content Creation

A marketing agency can help create fantastic and engaging content you’ll need to impress and inform your customers.

The phrase “content is king” has been so overused in marketing circles that it’s almost become an inside joke in the industry. The phrase may be well known and widely used, but that doesn’t make it any less true.

Content is going to fuel nearly every important marketing service or strategy you’ll use.

Having great content on your website, whether that’s through regular copy, infographics, or videos, can help inform customers and drive sales. Utilizing engaging copy during sales pitches can help bring in more revenue.

Content isn’t just important for digital marketing; you’ll also need it for physical marketing materials. Brochures, flyers, and mailers all have an important place in the sales cycle.

Social Media

Maintaining an active presence on social media is important for businesses of all sizes.

Social media has always been a way for people to connect with one another. And as platforms have evolved, they’ve added more ways for businesses to utilize social media to connect with customers.

You can use social media to answer important questions customers may have about your business, respond to customer feedback, or just find a way to show your business’s authenticity and unique value.

Social media has also become a powerful advertising tool. Nearly every big platform has a way for businesses to directly target niche customers through advertising.


Pay per click (PPC) advertising has changed the marketing and advertising industry for the better. It has given businesses of all sizes an effective and inexpensive way to advertise their most important products and services.

The right PPC campaign can give you nearly any results you want. You can set up a campaign to drive traffic to your website, encourage people to fill out forms with contact information, or advertise sales.

One of the best parts of utilizing PPC is how simple it is to track the success of your campaign. You can track results in real-time, and make important changes to your campaign with the click of a button.


Paid search through PPC will always have an important role in the marketing world, but organic traffic is still very important for businesses that want to bring in new customers.

Did you know that 51% of all website traffic comes through organic search? Having a search engine optimized website can make it easy for you to get more visitors and help your website rank higher in search.

SEO involves a combination of creative and technical expertise.

It’s important to have search engine optimized content on your website in the copy, header, title tags, alt tags, and meta descriptions. You need to make sure that your copy is compelling and informative, and also uses just the right amount of keywords.

In addition, you need to have your website set up the right way to make it easy for bots to crawl. This can involve some work in information architecture (IA) and a little help from someone who understands development.

Web Design

Some people don’t think that website design would count as marketing expertise, but in today’s highly connected world, having a well-built and gorgeous website is an important part of any business’s marketing plan.

Having a well-built and easy to navigate website can help you considerably with SEO. Websites that are mobile-friendly, easy to use, and accessible to people with disabilities rank much higher in organic search results.

It’s also important to have a good website to ensure that every visitor has a good experience when they land on your site.

A website that takes too long to load, has broken links, or isn’t helpful won’t be good for users. A poorly-built website could make people have the wrong impression of your business.

A marketing company won’t just make you a website that functions well; it can also make you a website that looks fantastic. You’ll have a website that’s informative, matches your brand, and is full of custom graphics and videos.


Do you feel like your business has a strong brand identity?

Branding is important for businesses. The right branding can affect how people perceive your business, drive sales, and increase overall awareness of your products and services.

Building a great brand is something that a marketing agency can help your company with. Since your brand literally touches every aspect of your business, you’ll need professionals that can help bring everything together.

You may choose to have a brand voice that’s authoritative and informative, or you may find that a voice that’s focused on fun may be the best for your business.

Your logo and the graphics you use online and in print material will also play an important role in building your brand. An agency can help put together a brand book to make sure everything you do stays on brand.

Want to see how hiring a marketing agency can benefit your business?

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5 Important Reasons Why Business Benefit From Marketing Agency Services

Now that we’ve discussed some of the specific services a marketing agency can provide, we’re going to spend time on why your business can benefit from the help of an agency.

Having extra help from an agency can turn a so-so marketing plan into a stellar one that can help you reach your most important business goals.

If you aren’t convinced that you need a marketing agency, you’ll know why they’re important after we finish our list.

1. Receive Long-Term and Short-Term Strategies

Marketing isn’t something that can be done after a few successful campaigns and product launches. If you want your business to grow, you need to think about marketing over time.

Timing is everything when it comes to managing marketing.

There are some things you can do now that can get you successful results in a matter of days or weeks. Some strategies can take months to execute and may take a year or two to start generating results.

If you want to succeed in marketing, you need to plan in both the short and long term. You should have plenty of campaigns that can get results for you now, and some longer-term plans that’ll need time to mature.

A marketing agency can help you create a variety of plans that can work for you today, tomorrow, and a few years from now.

Once you have plans that can work in the present and future, you’ll know you’re on your way to having a winning marketing strategy.

2. Adapt to Industry Changes Fast

Change is a natural part of the marketing lifecycle. What works for a brand or business today may not be as effective tomorrow.

Entire trends can seemingly change overnight. Google can release an update or algorithm change that could completely change your SEO, PPC, and social media strategy in a matter of days.

Regardless of if you’re a small business owner or the CEO of a multi-national conglomerate, business owners are busy. Even the heads of marketing departments can get bogged down with everything that goes into managing different employees.

This is where hiring a marketing agency can come in very handy. Agencies are designed to work for their clients, and they’re going to be honing their craft and thinking of the best new strategies to use for clients.

People in the marketing industry are well aware of how quickly things can change. That’s why they spend a lot of time studying changes and new trends in the industry.

3. Enjoy Scalability

Solely relying on an in-house marketing team can be helpful in some ways, but restrictive in others.

When you rely on your in-house team, you’ll find yourself needing to add a new employee every time you want to try something new.

If you want to experiment with video marketing, you’ll need to hire someone who can produce videos and write scripts. Businesses that want to focus more on PPC may find themselves hiring a team of advertising experts.

Adding new specialized employees is going to require scouting for talent and supporting a new and possibly expensive employee. You’ll have a lot riding on their success, so you’ll need to make sure that your new plans are profitable ASAP.

Being scalable and flexible is important in marketing, and working with an agency can give you what you need.

You won’t have to worry about hiring and paying a new employee to handle a project. All you need to do is tell your agency what you want, and they’ll have someone working for much less than an employee or contractor.

If you find that the new marketing strategy doesn’t work, you can simply drop the service from your contract. You won’t have to worry about potentially having to let a skilled employee go.

4. Free up Employee Time

Let’s say you already have a marketing department or a dedicated marketer. They seem to do well enough on their own, but having the help of an agency can make them even more effective.

There are some marketing tasks that are important to do, but also take up a lot of time. Some of your most talented marketers could be wasting hours a week on pulling data and compiling reports.

A marketing agency can help do some of the basic groundwork for your marketing team. Instead of having to spend time on repetitive tasks, they can focus on more important aspects of strategy and execution.

5. Bring Everything Together

Marketing works best when you have a comprehensive strategy that can complement and amplify your current efforts.

Your PPC strategy should be tied into your content marketing strategy, and of those two strategies should be able to complement everything you’re doing for SEO.

The new content you’re writing for the website could be easily repurposed for social media or used to make brochures. Your latest rebranding efforts should tie into other marketing campaigns to give you the best results.

A professional marketing agency won’t just run different marketing strategies and initiatives for your business. They’ll also find the best way to link everything together to get you the best results possible.

Ready to Get Started?

Marketing agency services can give businesses of all sizes the competitive edge they need to get noticed in today’s highly saturated and competitive landscape.

From providing professional expertise on all aspects of marketing to being able to create a comprehensive and effective plan that touches all parts of marketing and branding, services from an agency can’t be beaten.

Regardless of if you need help crafting a marketing plan from scratch or bringing your marketing team to the next level, we’re here to help you every step of the way.

Get your free consultation today so we can start taking the first steps to create a marketing plan that works for your unique needs.