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Brand Identity: The Essentials

on January 27, 2018

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Let’s be honest: brand identity sounds vague and new-agey. And we’re not about that. So we’re getting down to the brass tacks. Here are the essentials.

The Essentials to Brand Identity

What is Brand Identity?

‘Brand identity’ is an umbrella term. Just like a person’s identity, brand identity is multifaceted. These are just a few things that are most often part of it:

  • Tone
  • Logo/design
  • Tagline
  • Fonts/typeface
  • Unique products and services
  • Jingle

Essentially, it’s the look and feel of your brand. It’s how people recognize a brand. For example, the golden arches and “I’m Lovin’ It!” are clear markers of the McDonald’s brand. Both the slogan and the design are a part of their brand identity, along with Big Macs, of course.

Brand identity should be a consistent message received by its audience. If a portion of the identity is a particular shade, consistency of the color is imperative in maintaining the product identity. The identity must match the image projected to the public.

Why do I need a brand identity?

It’s important because your brand to be recognizable, unique, and consistent. Everyone in your team, and your affiliates, should be well-versed in the look and feel of your brand, and the tone of its messaging.

What are some markers of strong brand identity?

It boils down to a few key traits:

It’s clear: You know what they’re about. You know what the sell. You know what values they promote. And you don’t confuse them with another brand.

It has a good reputation: Nobody’s perfect. But in general, a strong brand identity is usually intertwined with a good brand reputation.

It adapts: A strong brand can adapt and repair in the face of challenges without watering down the fundamentals of the brand.

It’s consistent: With a strong brand identity, your tone and messaging are consistent across all channels, and in all interactions with customers and the public at large.

The whole team is on board: Everyone, from the CEO to the cleaning crew, should know your brand identity, and be attuned to its message.

It’s totally possible to build a strong brand. And it’s necessary to your marketing success.

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