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How to Make Sure Your Social Media Marketing is Consistent

on January 26, 2018

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One of the biggest pitfalls our clients face when developing and implementing their own social media marketing strategy can be summed up in three words: it’s not consistent.

We want to help you avoid those struggles. Here’s what we recommend to entrepreneurs (and marketing teams) who want their social media marketing strategy to be more consistent.

How to Make Sure Your Social Media Marketing is Consistent

Know your brand

A deep knowledge of your brand identity will lay a great foundation for a consistent social media marketing strategy. You need a clear knowledge of:

  • How people perceive your brand
  • Its sense of humor (and what you take seriously)
  • If your brand was a person, how it would be described? How would it talk?

Once you figure out how your brand would “talk” to your customers, you have a brand voice. Now you know the tone of your content. Whether it’s for an ad, a blog, or a tagline, it should always sound like the same “person” is talking.

Keep a regular schedule

Most social media platforms have scheduling tools. HootSuite is a great way to manage your scheduling across all sites for low-to-no cost. And it’s a good idea to maintain an external version of your schedule in an Excel spreadsheet or Google form.

Keep your content elements consistent. There are a few content elements that should be present (and consistent) across all your social channels, and in as many posts as possible:

Tagline: Have a brief, pithy tagline that’s easy to remember

Comments/Messages: When responding to comments or messages on social media, have a go-to positive response template for positive discussions and negative feedback.

Added value: As often as possible, your social media content should inform, enlighten, and add value to the user experience.

High-Quality Media: You need top-notch photos and videos for your multimedia posts. You want your brand to look good. Your social media posts should, too.

Links: Link to content throughout your site, and high-quality content off your site.

The one thing we’ll leave you with is, even when it’s tough, keep at it. Social media is a long-term nurture. Keyword: social. If you’re focused on building quality relationships, you’ll build trust with your customers. And that trust will keep your brand ahead of the pack. What social media strategies have strengthened your brand? Tell your success stories in the comments!

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