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Do You Utilize Strategic Website Design?

on February 17, 2018

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Web design isn’t just typing text into a box and throwing in some images— it must be strategic. Here are a few things to keep in mind when making sure your site is utilizing strategic website design.

strategic website design

1. It aligns with your goals

Although it’s great if your website looks pretty, it’s not artwork. It’s an interactive way to connect people with your brand. So you need to make sure when thinking about your overall web design, that any changes should help your marketing strategy.

  • What is your brand’s purpose? Does our website mirror that?
  • Does the interface of the website help people get to know your brand?
  • How does it help you sell products?
  • Does it keep people engaged with your content?
  • Does it match the look and feel of the rest of your brand?

If your site is already doing these things for you, you may not need to overhaul it too much. But whatever improvements you do make shouldn’t detract from those objectives. Keep in mind that even though many brands have similar general purposes (reaching customers, making sales, etc.), the way they accomplish them differs widely. [For example, an art gallery is going to engage people differently on their site than a newspaper.] That’s why your site may look and feel very different from others, but still be very successful.

2. Your ideal customers actually use your site

By now, you likely have a buyer persona. You know who your ideal customers are: their demographics, their buying habits, and (most importantly for this post) their internet habits. Use this to inform more strategic web design. [Do they respond more to video or text? Do they like how-to or top 10 lists? These kinds of questions can help you tailor both your content and your overall design.]

3. Your site does your marketing for you 

Think of your website as a member of your marketing team who’s on the job for you 24/7. With that in mind, here are some tweaks you may need to make to help your site market for you around the clock.

  • Your landing page should be clear and concise. You have a very short time to make a good first impression, and keep people on your site.
  • Make sure any “sign up” or purchase links are visible and appealing. Keep your opt-in and registration forms short and sweet. Put them somewhere on all pages of your site.
  • Use images and screenshots to clearly illustrate your product and how to use it (if applicable)

Essentially, your design should make it as easy as possible for people to understand and engage with your site.

And don’t forget to use analytics (and other evaluation methods) to make sure your strategic website design is helping your bottom line and enhancing your customer experience. Stuck in web design limbo? We can help! Send us your SOS.

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