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Facebook Rolls Out Playable Ads

on August 2, 2018

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Playable ads are available across all Facebook platforms. These ads allow users to demo games straight from the ad, so they can play it before downloading or making a purchase.

Playable Ads on Facebook

Playable Ads on Facebook

Developers can display their game demos (and new users can download and install them) right from the Facebook app. Facebook’s version launches a video of the game, and the demo begins after the video is played. The update also allows developers to optimize for value and customer retention.

What We Think

Along with being a testament to the power of video content, we agree that interactivity is at the heart of effective content marketing.

What This Means for You

This update is great news for developers, but you don’t have to be a game-builder to learn from it. There are lots of ways you can use multimedia content to encourage interaction. And while reach is important, that engagement won’t last unless your content is high quality.

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