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This Just In: There’s a NEW Google Ads Update

on June 27, 2018

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Google just announced some updates to the Google Ads user experience. We wanted you to be the first to know about the Google Ads Update.

Google Ads Update

Google Ads Update

Here’s where to find the most significant changes. Additionally, all of these updated can be found in the 2019 Google Ads Guide


After signing in, your Overview Page will have a new look (and some new insights) so you can better see how your campaigns are doing.

A new Navigation Panel replaces the side panel. If you can’t see it (i.e. if you’re on a smaller screen), you can hover over the left side of your page. You’ll see your enabled campaigns.

PRO Tip: Anytime you see a 3-dot icon, you can click it to see hidden info in that category. [For example, the three-dot icon on the Campaigns tab of the Navigation Panel shows your inactive campaigns.]

You can find the Page Menu in the grey bar adjacent to the Navigation Menu. This is how you’ll find Google Ads pages related to your Ad Groups, your Keywords options, and your Extensions.

The options displayed in your workspace are relevant to the page, group, etc. that you’ve selected from the Navigation Panel.

You can create something new on a page by clicking the blue plus icon.

Tabs have been added on most pages to make Google Ads navigation more streamlined.

You can also filter, segment, and customize columns you want to display within pages.

The top right corner of your dashboard has icons that let you access your reporting, keyword planner, and audience manager features.

The gear icon will take you to a previous version of Google Ads, and you can click the help icon to find answers to Google Ads navigation questions.


You can now create additional ad groups and ads faster by clicking copy when you create an ad and making your edits within that new ad. As you’re creating the campaign or group, keep an eye out for that Blue Plus icon. Anytime you see that icon, you can add an ad or ad group directly from that stage of your workflow.


You can see the general performance overview of your campaigns when you log into Google Ads. You can see specific performance insights for a campaign type, campaign, or ad group once you select one from the Navigation Panel.

Your Overview Page also has interactive cards with graphs, charts, and statistics for various performance metrics. You can select campaigns from directly within those cards to see how a particular campaign is stacking up. We encourage you to explore each card on your Overview Page. You may find unexpected strengths (and growth opportunities) at your fingertips.


Front and center on your Overview Page is your line chart. You can edit what metrics you view at a glance by selecting or deselecting the color-coded buttons above your line chart (top left). Changing the date range of the chart can be done by clicking the date selector buttons on the top right.

You can adjust other tables and charts according to your preferences by clicking on buttons and tabs adjacent to those charts and making your preferred changes. You can do things like:

  • Adjust date ranges
  • Compare date ranges
  • See performance by day, week, month, or year
  • Add, modify, resize or remove columns
  • Sort data in your tables
  • Segment table data
  • Filter data within a table
  • Hide, show, expand, or collapse a chart
  • Change metrics within a chart


We’ve been a fan of [Google Ads Extensions] for a long time. They make every click more valuable to you (since they enrich your ad at no additional cost). And they’re more valuable to your prospective customers (because they can learn fundamentals about your business directly from their Google search results page, without having to click on an ad or webpage).

To add an Extension after the Google Ads Update:

Page Menu —> Ads & Extensions —> Extensions —> Blue Plus icon

After clicking the Blue Plus icon, you can choose to add hours, directions, and more to your ads. Ads with extensions are a great way to boost your brand credibility— and they don’t cost anything extra.

There’s a bit of a learning curve at first. But we’re confident that the latest Google Ads update will improve your user experience, and make it easier for you to create irresistible Google ad campaigns.


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