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Multiple Locations? Google My Business Has an Update for You

on May 28, 2018

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If you own more than one business or a chain of franchises, Google My Business (GMB) just got better.

GMB Updates for Businesses With Multiple Locations

GMB Updates for Businesses With Multiple Locations:

  • New Agency Partner Program
  • New Dashboard
  • Smoother Workflows
  • Improved Management tools and capabilities including:
    • Merchant descriptions for more than one location
    • Separate posts for each location
    • Unlimited # of locations managed under the same registered account
    • User groups for internal teams to access location information

While there’s not a specific number of locations you have to own to be an agency partner in the new program, it should be demonstrable to Google that your growth is on an upward trajectory.

If you register as a partner agency, you’ll get:

  • Early access to updated features
  • Dedicated partner manager
  • Inclusion in partner directory

Customers in your neighborhood will find you through GMB whether you have one location or 20. 

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