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Marketing Best Practices for Your Flooring Company

on February 28, 2018

Marketing Practices for Flooring Company
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If you own a flooring company (or handle their marketing), you may be missing strategies that will help you build your client base, increase referrals, and improve your brand visibility.

Marketing Practices for Flooring Company

 Gain New Customers, and Keep ‘em Coming Back

Direct Mail Campaigns

First of all, there are a number of avenues you can take to execute a solid direct mail campaign (list brokers, USPS, or a direct-mail company can help you build a list). Once you have a list, use the data your support agency provides to customize your campaign based on geography, how long someone has lived in their home, or household size. Then, pick a format (greeting card, postcard, newsletter) and send it out. Don’t forget: you need a call to action to make any marketing campaign effective (redeem in-store/online, call to schedule your free estimate, etc.).


Seminars are a great way for people to have a hands-on, in-person experience with your flooring. It lets the quality of your products and services speak for itself. Since people only come to seminars when they’re already interested in a topic, you’ll have a captive audience. These will be people in your target market who are demonstrating their interest.

Don’t forget these details when planning your seminar:

  • Location: your business, local community center
  • Topics: budget-friendly flooring, eco-friendly flooring, life-proofing your floors
  • Features: give people a chance to look at and touch flooring samples, demonstrations (stain removal, good vs. bad flooring, etc.)
  • Lead strategies: get info from customers (where they live, contact information, household size/type/structure) that you can use for future marketing efforts
  • Follow up: make sure you have a way to thank attendees (and to deliver those thank-yous to them. Don’t forget to include an offer/CTA that can bring them back.
  • Offers: Include offer that encourages action during or ASAP after the seminar
  • Partner Up: Find complementary businesses in your area to partner with on marketing efforts.
  • Possible partners: hardware stores, realtors, home improvement professionals, repair experts, painters, etc.

Complementary businesses have customer pools who may need your flooring services in the future (if they don’t already), and your customers may need other services as well. These types of relationships are particularly useful when planning a seminar or event. Therefore, be willing to partner with another business is good for your overall brand reputation. Get creative! There are lots of ways for you and your partners to cross-advertise and help each other generate leads and referrals.

Share Valuable Content

There are two key ways you can use content marketing to promote your flooring company

Starting a Blog

 Sharing tips on how to make flooring look better longer is a great way to position yourself as an expert. If you hear the same questions from a lot of people (how do I remove _____ stains?, how do I know which flooring to choose, etc.) you can mine those questions for blog/resource topics. If you’re not sure what questions customers have, start a discussion on social media and see what questions arise.

Guarantees and Bonuses

Customer guarantees and referral bonuses are a great way to maintain customer trust. In addition, offering an incentive can create a loyal customer. A flooring purchase is almost always an ongoing investment for your customers. Therefore, make sure your marketing strategy includes ways to keep them feeling satisfied and valued. What is your flooring company doing to up its marketing game? How can we help make it even better?

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