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Hiring a Marketo Agency

on June 14, 2021

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Do you have a solid marketing automation system set up for your business? Have you tried to implement your own marketing automation, but are having trouble getting everything set up properly? Are you currently using Marketo, but aren’t using it to its full potential, simply because you don’t know how and don’t have the time to learn? Hiring a Marketo agency can help.

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What is Marketo?

Marketo is a marketing automation software that is used to help automate and measure engagement, tasks, and workflows. When used correctly, Marketo can help businesses to target qualified leads, gain revenue, and execute automated marketing campaigns across multiple channels. 

Why Should I Hire a Marketo Agency?

Unless you have a pre-existing in-depth understanding of digital marketing, as well as the time to dedicate to learning Marketo, you will most likely not be able to utilize the Marketo platform to its full potential. While you may understand how to use some of the features, it is unlikely that you will get the most out of the system unless you have a complete understanding of the Marketo software.

When you hire a Marketo agency, you know that you will be working with experts who have an in-depth understanding of Marketo. From setting up the marketing automation to work best for your business to generating leads, a Marketo agency will be able to help you navigate the Marketo system and set it up so you get the best results for your business.

What Can Marketo Do For Me?

When you think of marketing automation, the first thing that typically comes to mind is email marketing. However, there is so much more that your business can get out of utilizing Marketo. The main features and benefits that a Marketo agency will be able to implement are:

Marketing Automation

Hiring a Marketo agency will allow you to step up your marketing automation efforts and effectively reach your customers. With marketing automation properly set up in Marketo, you will be able to engage the right customers through behavior tracking, build and scale automated marketing campaigns, and determine how different marketing channels are impacting your revenue. 

Email Marketing

There is more that goes into email marketing than simply designing an email and sending it to your contact list. With Marketo, you can do more with your email marketing. A Marketo agency will be able to help you get a clear view of your customers through different channels, including web, email, social, and mobile behavior. You will also be able to create relevant conversations based on individual customer behavior in real-time and will have a clear understanding of impact and ROI with simple dashboards and in-depth reporting.

Lead Management

When your Marketo agency helps you properly set up and manage your Marketo platform, you will be able to attract, nurture, and deliver leads from your marketing team to your sales team. Through inbound and outbound programs, you will be able to draw top-of-funnel traffic to your business. Through Marketo lead management, you will also be able to qualify potential buyers before they are passed onto the sales team, and can consistently improve your marketing by tracking your marketing revenue.

ROI Amplified is the Right Marketo Agency For You

ROI Amplified has a team of Marketo experts ready to help you build and maintain your Marketo platform. Our team knows how to manage Marketo to get you the best ROI and utilize the platform to bring in sales. If you are considering hiring ROI Amplified as your Marketo agency, schedule a consultation with our experts today.