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Hiring a Google Ads Company

on May 24, 2021

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Are you considering hiring a Google Ads company to help with your business? Have you been trying to run your own Google Ads in-house, but are having trouble understanding how to get the best results for your budget? Perhaps managing your own Google Ads fit into your schedule before, but now business is picking up and you can’t find the time to dedicate to managing your Google Ads campaigns. 

If the above paragraph described you, it is probably time to invest in hiring a Google Ads company for your business. The right Google Ads company will be able to assist you in creating and managing your campaigns in order to get you the best results for your budget. Continue reading to learn more about hiring a Google Ads company.

Understanding Google Ads

Creating and managing your Google Ads is a difficult task if you do not fully understand what you are doing. While you may find it difficult to give up control of your Google Ads, it is important to trust that a Google Ads company will have your business’s best interest in mind when creating and monitoring campaigns. The right company will be able to create ads that target your ideal customers, and utilize your Google Ads budget so you get the best conversions for your budget.

At ROI Amplified, our Google Ads experts know that, chances are, you are probably going to want to try Google Ads for yourself before hiring us. That’s why we created the Google Ads Guide. This guide will help you try to understand Google Ads and, whether you understand it and don’t have the time to manage your ads yourself, or you find that running your Google Ads just isn’t for you, ROI Amplified is here to help when you are ready to hire a Google Ads company.

Managing Google Ads Softwares

When you hire a Google Ads company to manage your campaigns, you are hiring a team of experts who already understand the complex softwares that are associated with Google Ads. Additionally, a Google Ads company also already has an understanding of the policies that Google has set in place to decide which Ads are acceptable, and which will be rejected. Having someone on your team who knows how to use the Google Ads softwares to create a successful ad for your business will be extremely beneficial to driving more conversions and getting your business seen by the right people.

Google Ads Companies Can Design Ads

If you have ever looked at visual digital ads, you can tell who spent time and money on designs, and more importantly, who didn’t. A poorly designed ad will come across as unprofessional and leaves people with a negative perception of the business. When you hire a Google Ads company, you can be sure that the designs of your ads will always be a reflection of your brand, and will resonate with your target audience. 

Additionally, when you design ads it is important to know the proper sizing and format of each type of ad. A professional Google Ads team already has this knowledge so you never have to worry about your ads getting rejected for having the wrong specs or being formatted incorrectly. 

An Experienced Google Ads Team

When you hire a Google Ads company, you are hiring a team of experts with plenty of experience managing Google Ads. The right Google Ads company will be able to show you the success they have had with other campaigns, and have data to show you that they understand what it takes to make a campaign successful. 

At ROI Amplified, we take that one step further and offer our clients a 24/7 live report so they can see the results of their campaigns in real-time. Our reporting is completely transparent, so our clients can see exactly when and where their marketing dollars are being spent, and how much revenue is coming back to them.

Are You Ready to Hire a Google Ads Company?

Utilizing Google Ads in your marketing strategy is a great way to bring in your ideal customers and generate leads for your business. However, if you don’t know what you’re doing when it comes to Google Ads, you will most likely end up wasting money on ads that your target customer never even sees. 

ROI Amplified has a whole team of Google Ads experts with a proven record of success managing our clients’ Google Ads campaigns. If you are ready to start seeing results for your marketing efforts, schedule a consultation and find out how the expert team at ROI Amplified can help you improve your Google Ads strategy today!

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