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Google’s Security Secret: Yubicos Yubikey Security Key

on July 24, 2018

Phishing has been around since people started sending emails, and Google’s security secret just shared a great tip that may stop it in its tracks.

Google’s Security Secret

Phishing is a type of fraud accomplished by hacking. Hackers obtain credit card numbers, login credentials, and other sensitive details you may use to do business online. They hack your online accounts by posing as a legitimate business who need you to update your information and use that information to disrupt business, personal finance, and more. These fraudulent requests used to come only via email, but they’re now happening increasingly via SMS.

Google shared their secret for combating phishing, and it’s something we can all afford to do.

Yubicos Yubikey Security Key

Physical security keys are small USB devices that allow unique access for users, without running the risk of sharing their sensitive information unduly. Since using them, no phishing attacks have happened on Google. And you can enjoy Google-level security for as little as $20.


What We Think

This is great news. In a world of more and more business and ecommerce expenses, it’s nice to know you can skip a few lattes to afford a simple but sophisticated cyber-security tool. If you haven’t already, we recommend shopping for a security key and trying it on your home or office computer.

What This Means for You

Increased data portability and convenience mean an increased risk of scams, spam, and other cyber attacks. While we should all be wary of these risks, there’s no need to be immobilized by fear of doing business and connecting with others online. There are increasingly effective, simple solutions out there that keep us (and our information) safe. Keep checking in with us for more information about Google’s security secret. [CHECK OUT MORE BLOGS]