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Event Marketing: How to Be a Pro

on June 4, 2018

Event Marketing: How to
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Events are a great way to get the word out about your brand and connect with new customers-to-be. But they can be a headache. So we’ve put together a cheat sheet that will help you with event marketing.

Event Marketing: How to

Event Marketing: How to

TechniquePurposeExampleWhen to Use It
Pre-Event Marketing Generate buzz and momentum before the event starts so people are sure to attend/follow the event.Create an event-specific hashtag and use it when you get swag for giveaways, land a guest speaker, etc.In the days and weeks before the kickoff of your event.
GeotargetingSend specific content to people near the location of the event. Segmenting your email list to send emails announcing the event to people who live within a 20-mile radius of the event center.Before: alert potential attendees

During:  send important event info

After: thank attendees and gather feedback.
Multichannel ApproachUtilize the marketing power of multiple channels to reach and engage with the greatest number of attendees.Promoting the event on social media.

Sending emails about the event.

Posting videos on YouTube, Snapchat, or Instagram.

Before, during, and after the event (dependent on platform, audience, and goals).
Word-of-Mouth MarketingGet your colleagues, VIPs, and event partners to spread the word.Affiliate marketing campaigns with other event attendees

Influencer marketing: with event speakers

In-event marketing: promoting the posts of attendees
Before: team up with your affiliate/influencer to get people excited about the event.

During: Share attendee posts/pics on a projector screen in the event center (and re-blog on your social media).

After: Gather and use positive feedback and testimonials to generate referrals and promote future/related events.

Event Landing PageCreate a dedicated website for the event to better target marketing and keep event information more organized.

(You can also track data and analytics so you can see how effective your event marketing is through clicks, conversions, etc.)

A simple, easy-to-use WordPress site that contains: event date and time, associated costs, maps and directions, nearby food and lodging, event schedule, speaker bios, giveaways, promotions, and other related informationBefore: Inform prospective attendees and build a segmented email list (using an opt-in.)

During: Share giveaways, updates, and media.

After: Post reviews, wrap-ups, thank yous, etc.

Mini-EventsOffer contests, entertainment, and networking opportunities during your event.Networking happy hour

Evening entertainment

Team/Group/company based contests

During your event
Giveaways/UpgradesGive away/upgrade tickets and event bonuses.Free ticket to someone who shares your event posted on Facebook

Free VIP ticket to someone who buys a regular ticket.

Before and during your event
Value-FocusShowcase the benefits and unique features of your event in terms of the value to the participants.Share past attendee testimonials and success stories.

Share freebies/bonuses attendees will receive.

Before and during your  event
Implement FeedbackUse feedback from previous events or market research from similar events to improve and set apart your event.Gather market research data from similar industry events. Structure your events, mini-events, giveaways, etc. according to what those attendees loved (and hated)Gather feedback from current/prospective attendees through surveys, social media Q&A, emails, etc, Before, during, and after the event
Go Live via Social MediaUse social media streaming capabilities to share event highlights and happenings with followers who may not attend, but are still interested in event content.Facebook Live

Instagram Stories


(Make sure you have designated users/posters for your brand so you have a consistent stream of content.)

During your event


Many of these techniques are marketing best practices that will work great whether you’re at a trade show/expo booth, a co-presenter, a guest speaker, or hosting your own event. Event marketing should come easy after looking at these terms. 

Start early. Be consistent. And get your friends, colleagues, and followers involved. Have fun, build hype, and deliver valuable ideas. You’ll have a full calendar and a full house in no time.

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