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Don’t Build a Facebook Ad Strategy Without Reading This

on March 13, 2018

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Build a Facebook Ad Strategy

What Makes a Successful Facebook Ad Strategy?

  1. Budget: How much you want to spend
  2. Content: This includes ad copy, media, and your call to action
  3. Landing Page: The page people will land on when they click on your head
  4. Targeting: Who you want to reach


In general, it’s not a good idea to ask for a sale right away or set a sales page as your landing page. This type of customer acquisition strategy is high-risk and often carries too large a price tag for the results you get.

Even though sending people straight to a sales page is off-putting to them (and ineffective for you), it’s also a mistake not to ask for anything. If you’re just looking for Page Likes or follows, they’re more likely to stay on Facebook, rather than shifting their engagement to your website.

The best way to avoid pitfalls like these, we recommend a two-step process:

Step One: Determine FB ad objectives and goals. Step Two: Match your goals/objectives as closely as possible to a corresponding FB ad option.
Example goals and objectives:

More clients

Sales of a physical product

Sales of a digital product

Larger email list

Bigger FB group

More Facebook engagement

Increase site traffic

More brand engagement

App Installs

Boost Post

Brand Awareness


E-commerce Product Promotion


Lead Generation


Store Visit


Video Views

Your marketing team or consultant can help you prioritize your goals, and match them with the right Facebook Ad option. Once you know that information, it’s time to build a sales funnel to support a cohesive Facebook Ad strategy that optimizes your investment.

Marketer Sandra Clayton has a great definition for a sales funnel: “A funnel is simply a sequence of events you set up, where your target audience is first pulled into your content via a free. . . [and] awesome resource you offer, and then “gifted” additional content pieces…Funnels take people on a scenic route to their destination, which is your solution for them.”

Your funnels should teach your prospects something, and inspire them to take action.

Each primary goal driving your Facebook Ad campaign should have its own, strategic funnel. This is the key to a successful Facebook Ad strategy. 

While every funnel is different, you’ll need a few key elements no matter what:

  • Product- something to sell or promote (can be physical or digital)
  • Free Resource – related to the overall theme or topic of your product
  • Facebook Ad – with an objective that matches your business objective
  • Landing page – this is where people opt into your list, sign up for your resource, etc.
  • Thank you page- to thank people for grabbing your free resource
  • Thank you email- delivered and customized based on the information given on your opt-in form

When you have fine-tuned goals and objectives as a foundation, and a customized funnel to support it, you’ll be sending customers from your target audience right to your website in no time. 

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