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Make 2024 the Year Your Brand Stands Out

on February 15, 2023

Make 2024 the Year Your Brand Stands Out
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When it comes to branding, we want to help your brand stand out (and make sure your ideal customer is drawn to and connects with) your business. And like it is with a lot of things in life, good branding is mind over matter. So let’s talk about the mindset you need to take into every sales/marketing meeting and every piece of content so you can really make your brand stand out in 2024.

Make Your Brand Stand Out in 2023

Stay consistent. Your brand should have the same look and feel, the same regularity of engagement, and the same interactivity with your followers across all channels (and in all your content).

PRO Tip: One of the best ways to maintain consistency is to develop a style guide. If you have no idea where to start with this, we can help you get a leg up.

Stick to your guns. Just like the look, feel, and content of your brand, you have to stay true to your values and messaging no matter what. This includes not only maintaining integrity in terms of how you present yourself but being confident in your product—and its positive transformative power—in all your interactions. After all, if you didn’t believe in your services, why would you be in business in the first place. Confidence is key when it comes to trust-building with your customers.

Do periodic product reviews. Have some customer favorites or some products you want to give a fresh marketing push? You can do periodic product reviews to put them in front of your customers. For example, a success coach might send an email called 12 Gifts to Give Yourself around the holidays that includes a lineup of her most popular programs, reviews from happy customers, and discounts for new enrollees.

Have a personality. You are the heart and soul of your brand. No doubt, you have a personality. Your brand *definitely* should, too. Don’t be afraid, to be honest, tell your own story in the context of what you have to offer, and how it’s changed your own life. Oh, and have a sense of humor whenever possible. You should certainly take your work seriously, but taking yourself too seriously is no fun for you or your customers. [Plus, telling your story encourages your customers to tell theirs.]

PRO Tip: Don’t forget to write a fresh, interesting bio for yourself (with a professional headshot), and put some form of it on all your online pages and profiles. If you need help, a copywriter can help you find just the right words to let your personality shine through.

Maintain an online presence. It’s easy to start off with a bunch of posts at the beginning of the year, only to let it peter out by March. But this can only hurt your brand. While you don’t need to “do it all”, it’s very important to do a few things well. Some examples you should consider for helping your brand stand out online:

  • Blog posts
  • Social media posts
  • Streaming video
  • Message boards and forums
  • Photo Blogs
  • Opt-ins + forms
  • Buttons + links
  • Templates or downloads (free goodies for your customers that they can only get online

Choose what makes the most sense for your brand, plan ahead, and stick to it.  [There are a lot of blogging and social media platforms that allow you to schedule your content in advance. That should help you on your way to posting regularly.]

Use high-quality images. If you’ve got a smartphone, you have a pretty solid camera in your pocket [not to mention the dizzying number of photography and photo editing apps out there]. While we do recommend having professional photos made for headshots and important events, these apps (and free-to-low-cost design programs like Canva) make it easy to create top-notch images. [Just make sure to watermark it; the images you share are just as much a part of your brand as everything else.]

Consider a webinar. Everyone and their dog has a blog, but not everyone and their dog is hosting a webinar. That’s why doing so could be a great brand-booster, and give you a cutting edge in the new year.

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