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PPC Management + Website Management = Winning Your Market

When you let ROI Amplified manage both your website and ppc campaigns, your company will see a significant increase in high-quality leads. Why is this approach so successful?

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We expertly control the entire lead generation process.
Our web and digital advertising teams work hand in hand to deliver seamless campaigns.
We are able to achieve greater KPIs.
We implement strategies that keep us agile to changes in your market.
Your messaging is consistent and more powerful to potential customers.
ULTIMATELY — your budget stretches to its full potential!

In 2018 alone, our Google Ads campaigns resulted in over $5 million of revenue for our clients.


Increase Your Revenue

Other benefits to website management:

Hands-off Website Updates

Hire a new employee or add a service line? No worries. We can professionally update your website anytime at no additional cost.

SEO Boost

Our SEO Experts audits your current site and updates the places you are lacking. They will complete on-page SEO for your current website (added cost).


Don’t hassle with your hosting company. We ensure your website has an SSL certificate and that it remains active.

24/7 Website Monitoring

If your site goes down, we are instantly alerted and begin working to get it back online immediately.

Is your website secure? How about the SEO? Submit your URL for a free instant SEO report that puts your site to the test.