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SEO For an Authoritative Website is Easier Than You Think

on December 27, 2017

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SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization, an umbrella term for anything you do to improve search engine rankings. Search engine rankings refer to where you land on Google’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Pages that rank well on Google SERPs are authoritative. How do you craft an authoritative website? The quality of your content, how often people search for it, and how engaged people are with it are some key ways Google evaluates how authoritative it is.

SEO For An Authoritative Website

Is your content. . .


Do people stay on your sites, comment on your blogs, and share them on their personal pages or social media channels.


Think about your go-to sites, they present the information you need in an interesting way that keeps you coming back.


Your content should be relevant to what your business does, and what users are searching for.


Does it answer questions people are asking for the product or service you provide? [Think of the questions your customers would type into Google to find you, and include those words and phrases as keywords in your content.]

Keep in mind: Google can tell if you’re taking shortcuts and stuffing your content with keywords you think will get you a higher ranking. Keeping things honest and working on your strategy will give you a better boost, and more credibility.

You can think of SEO as quality control for your site. It doesn’t have to be a mysterious concept full of jargon. Here are some things to learn more about to set yourself up for solid SEO:

Buyer Personas

You need to describe who your ideal buyer is in as much detail as possible.


What your ideal buyer is searching for and the language they used to search for it. Too often we see our clients focus on what keywords that best describe their business instead of the keywords their customers use to seek out their business.  


Enriching information (blogs, courses, eBooks, webinars, PDFs) would add value to your customer experience— and keep people coming back to your site.


When other sites are linking people back to your site.

Quality over quantity: It’s tempting to put as many keywords in your content as you can, or try to get 100 other sites to backlink to you. But remember, your site is for your customers. If you are authentic in your approach to site design, SEO, and content, people will link to you— and your ideal customers will find your site.

ROI Amplified has SEO experts that can help your business create an authoritative website.

Our SEO strategies make it easy for customers to find you first. Get your market analysis to find out how many customers are searching for your business right now.

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