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ROI Amplified CEO Zack Bowlby Featured on Marketing Champions

on March 5, 2020

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ROI Amplified CEO Zack Bowlby was recently featured on “Marketing Champions,” a video podcast where host Mike White speaks with experts in the marketing community, on BluHorn TV. 

BluHorn TV is a for-profit company providing media buying and planning software to customers all over the United States. 

Highlights from Bowlby’s interview include how he got his start in the marketing world, where he sees the future of digital marketing as a whole, and the future he sees for ROI Amplified. Read on to check out some of the highlights.

How Bowlby got started in digital advertising:

  • Bowlby was actually studying to become an NFL scout before he got started in marketing. While living and working in Indianapolis and working for the NFL, the NFL signed a partnership with Zico coconut water, and asked: “Does anybody know anything about marketing?” Bowlby did. That’s how he got his start.
  • Bowlby took a job running the digital advertising for the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, which is how he eventually ended up in Tampa. Bowlby helped streamline the process and generate more sales.

Where does Bowlby see the future of digital advertising?

  • Integration is the biggest change that Bowlby sees in the future of digital advertising. Bowlby and his team believe in a fully integrated process and the ideology that everything should work together.
  • Data is key. ROI Amplified is a proud Google partner and fully believes in making data-driven decisions for their clients’ marketing strategies.

Where does Bowlby see the future of ROI Amplified?

  • Looking to the future, Bowlby only sees growth for ROI Amplified. Twelve months from now, his team will be working with even bigger, enterprise-level companies. ROI will be working with enterprise-level companies and franchises that have anywhere from 500 to 1,000 locations.

ROI Amplified is a full-service digital marketing agency located in Tampa, Florida. Founded in 2017, ROI Amplified specializes in custom digital marketing solutions. Some of the services offered include PPC advertising, SEO, marketing automation, CRM implementation, web design, brand development, email marketing, social media management, and more. Think ROI Amplified is the right marketing company to help your business beat the competition? Contact ROI Amplified today.

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