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Job Searching? Your Marketing Resume Needs SEO

By April 16, 2018September 7th, 2018Digital Marketing, SEO

We’ve noticed something as marketing professionals: many of our resumes aren’t hitting the mark. Why? They’re not keyword optimized. If you’re applying for this job online, recruiters, hiring managers, and the software they use operate exactly like you’d expect them to. You just have to build marketing resume SEO to match.

Marketing Resume SEO

Marketing Resume SEO

What am I talking about? Let’s break this down:

  • Job descriptions are loaded with keywords and phrases companies are counting on prospective employees using to find their listing.
  • Those keywords are related to the skills, qualifications, and talent needed to do the job well.
  • Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)—-just like search engine bots—are crawling your resume for keywords
  • Then there’s the recruiter, who looks at your resume for a few seconds to see if your resume is relevant to their listing.
  • And of course— there’s a cover letter: full of copy you’re using to market yourself as the best candidate for the position.

You’re the product or service. Your potential employer is the customer. Now that you understand the fundamentals, it’s time to get to work.

  1. Create a master resume. One big, long document of everything awesome you’ve ever done. Describe the tasks you completed, the skills you used, and the results you achieved. Don’t worry about the length, you’re just using this doc as a foundation or template, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time you apply for a job. Just make a copy each time, and remove information irrelevant to the position.
  2. Create a spreadsheet of the keywords (skills, talents, experience, etc.) you used in your master resume.
  3. Read the job description for keywords (bullet points are usually the gold mine). Then match those up to the ones on your spreadsheet. Now you know what to focus on in your resume and cover letter for this particular position.
  4. Look at similar positions to see related keywords.
  5. Check out the networking profiles of people in the company — learn from the way they present their skills and accomplishments to the world.
  6. Don’t keyword stuff— the bots will notice. And if they don’t, the recruiter will.

In a Nutshell, Good Marketing Resume SEO Includes:

  • Previous position
  • Length of experience
  • Skills used
  • Quantifiable achievement

Whenever you can, make your accomplishments something someone could measure.

You already know what I’m about to say, but I’ll say it anyway. It’s not just about keywords. The content of your resume and cover letter have to be on point.

Here’s how you can do that:

  • Use action words that paint a picture for the recruiter (managed– no, introduced—yes)
  • Check your content with grammar and readability tools. You write copy for a living. You don’t want a bad copy to ruin your chances with your dream company.
  • Benefits not features: This is true for your clients’ marketing strategy, and it’s true for you. Show how you benefited your teams. Be as specific as you can. This will help you when it’s time to interview, too.
  • Get feedback and test. Getting feedback on your resume and cover letter is a great way to make sure you’re not over (or under-) selling yourself. For testing, we recommend this ATS testing tool.

Getting the marketing job of your dreams isn’t mysterious or magical. It’s using the same toolbox you use every day:

  • Know exactly how people are describing what they’re looking for
  • Describe what you have to offer in a way that meets those needs and exceeds expectations.

We have no doubt that with an optimized resume and cover letter— and a great master list and template to work from, you’ll be ready to stand out to recruiters and wow employers.

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Zack Bowlby

Zack Bowlby

Zack Bowlby is the Chief Executive Officer of ROI Amplified a full-service digital marketing agency located in Tampa, Florida. Before ROI Amplified, Zack worked in highly visible roles at companies such as The Clearwater Marine Aquarium (Home of Winter the Dolphin) and The National Football League (NFL). A Google Advertising expert, Zack has spent well over $40 million dollars in Google Ads in his career. In 2017, he started focusing on Marketing automation systems such as Marketo. Zack and ROI Amplified believe in data-driven solutions and complete transparency with their clients. If you’d like to amplify your marketing dollars consider partnering with ROI Amplified today! Get on Zack’s Schedule Today