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Introduction of the Partner Development Manager Role: HubSpot Update

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on August 10, 2023

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HubSpot Partners Update: Introduction of the Partner Development Manager Role

ROI Amplified is pleased to report on an important update from HubSpot that is set to redefine the way solutions partners are supported. Effective October 1st, HubSpot is introducing a new Partner Development Manager (PDM) role, replacing the existing support structure. Here’s what you need to know about this significant change.

Streamlining Support for Clarity

Until now, solutions partners with HubSpot have been supported by a Channel Account Manager (CAM) and a Channel Consultant (CC). This dual-role structure has, at times, led to confusion and complexity. HubSpot has taken action based on years of feedback and has consolidated these roles into a single point of contact: the PDM.

Long-term Business Development

The PDM’s primary focus will be on long-term business development, providing solutions partners with the resources needed to succeed as a HubSpot partners. This role also signals a shift in the sales process, where all sales will be done in collaboration with HubSpot’s Growth Specialist (GS) team. This new approach aims to deepen connections with sales and offer additional support on deals.

Aligning Teams for Shared Success

One of the primary objectives of this change is to align partners and direct teams to work more cohesively. By moving all co-selling activities to the GS team, the PDM can fully concentrate on assisting partners in developing and growing within the HubSpot framework. This shift emphasizes the collaborative spirit that HubSpot is fostering, ensuring that partners receive the focused attention they need.

What This Means for Partners

  • Simplified Communication: Having a single point of contact in the PDM will streamline communication and provide more consistent support.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Working directly with the GS team on sales creates an opportunity for a deeper connection and more robust support on deals.
  • Focus on Growth: With the PDM dedicated solely to long-term development, partners will have a reliable ally in their growth within the HubSpot ecosystem.

HubSpot Partners Update: Introduction of the Partner Development Manager Role Conclusion

This update represents HubSpot’s commitment to continually refining and improving the way they engage with partners. ROI Amplified recognizes the value of this new approach and believes it will lead to a more coherent, collaborative, and successful partnership.

For our clients and partners who are part of the HubSpot network, this change signifies a strategic realignment that prioritizes clear communication and long-term development. Feel free to reach out to us at ROI Amplified if you have any questions or would like to learn more about how this update may impact your business. Together, we can continue to grow and achieve success in our collaboration with HubSpot.