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How to Hire an All Star Marketing Team

on November 15, 2020

marketing team
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Are you showing your brand off to the world? Without a great marketing team, it can be hard to get your voice heard. In modern business, it’s often those that shout the loudest who win over the customers — and there are many people shouting! But, this isn’t just mindless attention-grabbing. It’s a carefully planned strategy that’s been designed using data, experience, and consumer analytics. It’s digital marketing at its best, and it what you need to be doing if you want to win in this world. If you don’t have an all-star marketing team yet, what are you waiting for? Check out our guide to putting together the best team and make sure your brand is heard.

marketing team

An In-House or Freelance Marketing Team?

There are two options when hiring your digital marketing team: in-house or freelance.

In-house means that you hire a team that comes into your office every day and does their work on-site. Freelancers usually work off-site from their own workspace, which could be in the same town or halfway across the world. This is often referred to as remote working, and it’s on the rise!

Freelancers can also come from a digital marketing company or agency, which incorporates everyone you need for your marketing.

There are benefits to both, but as it’s less traditional, let’s take a closer look at why an agency or freelance team can be better.

First of all, you only pay for the work done. You’re not paying a salary that covers sick days, breaks during the working day, or the time they spend browsing through Instagram when they should be working. All your paying for is the actual work that gets done, which can save you a lot of money!

There’s also far less commitment. If you find that your marketing isn’t worth it or your team isn’t quite right, you don’t have to fire any employees. All you have to do is break-up with your freelancers, and you’re ready to get out there and find someone else.

An agency usually has a team that works together, too. That means that you have to do less searching, as they’ll have done it for you! They’ll have a world-class group of experienced marketers ready to get your brand noticed.

There’s also plenty you won’t have to think about. You don’t have to create more office space, deal with HR complaints, or set up employment contracts. You just have to find the freelancers or agency you want, and off you go.

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Know Your Roles

Once you’ve decided which way to go in terms of in-house or a freelance agency, it’s time to get to know the roles you’re looking for a little bit more. These individual employees will make up your marketing team structure.

Here’s a detailed look at each of the main marketing team roles.

SEO Team

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a crucial part of every marketing strategy. It’s how you bump your business up the ranks of search engines, reaching those coveted top spots and being noticed by the people who are looking for you.

Your SEO team needs to have an in-depth knowledge of analytics and optimization, as well as be able to carry out keyword research. An agency will usually have SEO tools that can make these tasks more efficient and effective.

If you’re building your own team, you’ll need to fill different roles. These include an SEO strategist, optimization specialist, and a project manager to oversee the entire operation.

Content Team

Content is one of the main ways you build a relationship between your brand and your target market. Your content marketing team should be able to generate branded, targeted content that engages your audience and tells your story.

Content largely refers to the writing on your website and elsewhere. This includes blog posts, the copy on your site pages, and social media captions or posts. Your writers should be skilled at writing and editing, and if they have knowledge of SEO, then that’s even better!

You may also have content creators for video, photography, and podcasts. It’s likely your content team will work with other teams frequently, so make sure you hire friendly employees with great teamwork skills.

Web Design Team

Every business has to have a website — and it has to be good! In fact, over 80% of users who come across an outdated website will think less of the business who owns it.

If you don’t have the right skills to create a mind-blowing website, you need a web design team on your side. This can also be the case for businesses who are growing and can no longer maintain their site on their own.

Your team should know everything about web design. That includes coding and programming, as well as strategy and optimization. They need to have an eye for design and a brain for marketing!

Your web designers will construct the look of your website as well as how it functions, making sure it’s easy for your users to use. They should leave customers through it and entice them to keep on coming back.

If you’re a small company, one web designer can be enough, or you can go through an agency for a great team without the cost. If you can, though, you should have a designer, web developer, UX designer, and a graphic design specialist.

Social Team

When social media popped onto our screens, it changed the marketing game forever. It also created the need for a whole new team for businesses: a social media marketing team.

These guys are going to be responsible for managing your social pages, which is no easy task! It’s incredibly time-consuming to run successful social media campaigns, and there’s a lot of competition, so your team will be invaluable.

Some of their job roles include posting content (images, videos, quotes) to your various accounts, following and commenting on posts from the right accounts, and analyzing the performance of different content. The aim of all this? To generate brand awareness and drive leads straight into your open arms.

Your team may need basic design skills – such as using photoshop to edit content — and a talent for writing great captions and social media posts. They’ll also need to be comfortable with customer service as they may interact with followers frequently. Knowledge of branding and marketing is also crucial; helping them show the world who you are.

You can find social media managers who can do all of this. But, if you’d prefer, you can split the team into different roles. These include your account managers, content creators, and digital marketing strategists.

Acquisition Team

Your acquisition team is focused on getting those all-important customers familiar with your brand. Although every team should be consumer-focused, these guys are obsessed!

Their job is to communicate with customers, making the first contact. They’ll introduce your brand to potential customers as a representative and lead them on their journey with your company. At every step, they ask themselves, How is this from the eyes of the customer? and help you modify your marketing to suit your audience.

This team should be great at interacting with customers, be skilled in strategic marketing, and have a great eye for detail. Alongside your customer acquisition staff, you can have content acquisition marketing team roles, too. These make sure all of your content is pointing your audience in the right direction and resonating with your audience.

Attract the Right Talent

Once you know who you need, it’s time to look at finding the talent. There are plenty of ways you can help your brand attract the best of the best, making your job a whole lot easier. Here’s a look at some of the different ways you can find the best talent.

Social Media

There are tons of job seekers on social media. Ensure you advertise your marketing group’s needs across your social accounts and encourage potential candidates to get in touch. You can also use social media to show just how great your team is, making your brand one that people are dying to work with.

Use Current Employees

Your employees know your brand inside out, so why not ask them? They should know what the job takes and who’s the right fit, so reach out for recommendations. Make sure they tell anyone they think might be interested in your job opening.

Once they find a potential employee who fits the bill, give them a little bonus for their work.

Look at Social Media Groups

As well as advertising on your own social media, make sure you post in relevant groups too. Share your job role opportunity in digital marketing groups, university graduate groups, and anywhere else you think is relevant. You could find your next star staff member!

Try Out Paid Ads

Another way to get noticed is through paid or sponsored ads. You could have these across the web, including on social media, and in more traditional methods such as leaflets.

Target your ads to people who might be interested. Leave leaflets at universities and set your social media ads to target the right age group with marketing interests.

Go Global

Why restrict yourself to just one country? There’s talent across the world, so open up your role to remote working across countries and get a whole lot more attention!

How to Find Great Agencies

Digital marketing agencies usually work a little differently. Whilst they might reply to some of your job advertisements or be referred to you by someone you know, you’ll likely have to seek them out.

Here are some tips for finding the perfect agency for your brand.

Remember Your Goals and Roles

Not every agency will have everything you need on offer. Keep a list of what you need beside you during your search to help filter out agencies who don’t fit the bill.

If you find one you love who doesn’t advertise all of the services you need, send them an email to see what they recommend. They may know some awesome freelancers who you can hire alongside their team.

Take a Look at Past Work

The past work of a company can tell you a lot about them! Take a look at the kind of clients they’re working with, the results they’re getting, and the kind of work they seem to carry out the most.

Always Check Reviews

An agency should have client reviews all over the web, so be sure to check them. They might have testimonials on their own site for you to take a look at, but also do a web search for reviews to see what comes up.

Another great way to check their client feedback out is on social media. If the negative reviews on Facebook or keep getting complaints in their Instagram comments, steer clear!

Get in Touch

An essential before hiring a team is to open a line of communication. From this, you can gauge how professional they are and whether they’re a good fit.

Monitor how quickly they reply; agencies who take a couple of days to get back to an email might not be as reliable. Ask them questions about digital marketing and see how clear and knowledgeable their replies are. If you can, call them up to have a real chat and get to know the people you might be working with.

Make It Simple

If you’re on the hunt for an all-star marketing team, we’re about to make things super simple for you!

ROI Amplified is a team of expert marketers offering a wide range of services. We work remotely, making your life easier, but always keep up great communication so that you’re part of every step of your marketing journey.

If you’re interested, be sure to get in touch with us today! We’ll be happy to answer any questions and would love to hear more about your brand.

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