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Franchise Lead Development is Impossible Without This

on February 25, 2020

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Franchise Lead Development

Franchise lead development is hard, as franchise marketing experts, we know it’s at the top of your franchise’s list. We also know that you can’t do it without digital marketing. We’ve already helped top franchisors develop their brand and their base of owners.

How do we do it?

First, we make sure you’re laser-focused on your ideal franchise owner:

  • What they need from a franchisor
  • What kind of messaging they respond to
  • Their age, income, previous experience
  • Which online platforms they use most

Your next owner is a person— so market to people, not lists. Creating a buyer persona (which puts key customer descriptors into a narrative description of a person) is a great way to start.

Once you know who your ideal franchisee is, you’ll know where they spend the most time online, so you can maintain a strong presence there.

When it comes to social media, we suggest starting with Facebook (since it has the most active monthly users of any social media platform). But don’t just take that advice for granted— make sure you have the market research to back up your decisions.

Whatever social platform you use, email marketing is a must. The email addresses on those lists are yours, and no social media algorithm change can take it away. You’ll want to have emails written, scheduled, and divvied up by where someone is in the Discovery process.

Your Franchise Lead Development website

Meeting your customers where they are online is only half the battle. Creating a recruitment website (separate from the one customers use to learn about your brand and products) is how potential customers meet you. Your site should do these things if you want to focus on franchise lead development:

  • Answer questions potential franchise buyers have throughout their journey
  • Showcase wins from the top franchises in your brand
  • Explain what sets your brand apart
  • Paint a picture of your ideal franchise owner
  • Make it easy and appealing for them to take action and call you
  • Be accessible on mobile as well as desktop/tablet

A strong website and a consistent social media presence are part of an essential content strategy that drives success in digital marketing time after time. You should dedicate time and resources to building, growing, and maintaining a rich library of content that gives value to prospective franchise owners and positions you as an ally in their career development and growth.

Because of the near-infinite number of sites on the internet, and the exponential growth of franchising across industries, you’ll need to build paid social ads and paid search (like Google Ads and Bing Ads) into your digital marketing strategy for franchise development. Paid ads are a great way to amplify your franchise lead development. 

So you’ve got a website, social media, email marketing, and advertising on your to-do list. But how do you know people are finding you? How do you know your strategies are working? And of course, how do you find the time to do all this when you have a business to run?

Working with a franchise marketing agency is a smart investment. Marketing professionals put daily time and effort into building your lead development strategies while you meet your business goals. Need someone to create content? Check. Someone, to build ads? Check. And marketers know their strategies work with up-to-the-minute reporting on how every ad performs, what every site visitor does, and how to fix every glitch and bug.

Plus marketing technologies (analytics, automation tools, email marketing software, etc.) work for you 24/7. Every dollar you invest stretches far and has great returns.

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