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Facebook Aims for More Interactive Video, Buys Vidpresso

on August 21, 2018

For many, watching video on Facebook goes something like this: scroll through feed, see the video on autoplay, (maybe) tap to enlarge, (perhaps) watch the entire video, repeat. Facebook is looking to get ahead of Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, and Twitch in the interactivity game, so they acquired Vidpresso technology (and hired their team).

Facebook Aims for More Interactive Videos

Facebook Aims for More Interactive Videos

Above all, Vidpresso works with brands like Univision, Turner Sports, TED, Univision, and Nasdaq to produce video content that gets viewers involved with features like on-screen comments and polling, unique graphics, and greater live broadcasting capabilities.

Facebook wants the individual users (and companies) on their platform to have the access and ability to create and publish high-quality video content their followers will click on, comment on, and share.

Interactivity is critical. Viewers are more compelled to take action within the video and have a conversation with the content creator. Live broadcasting and live streaming is 6 times more popular than traditional static videos.

 Any brand can (and does) benefit from the highly interactive content, and you don’t get much more interactive than having a real-time conversation with your viewers on a live streaming video.

We can see this being a boon for the content marketing strategy of creatives, mentors/coaches, thought leaders, and any professional or team that shares knowledge and advice with their followers. But whatever your industry, video can take you a long way toward making a personal connection with your loyal customers, online followers, and new page visitors.

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