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What Does Digital Marketing Have to Do with Customer Service?

If you don’t automatically connect digital marketing with customer service, think of your average weekend. You’re streaming your favorite movie when you get an error message.

Maybe you Google the problem, use a smartphone app to submit a request to the helpdesk, or chat online with an expert. You make many customer services choices based on their effective digital marketing. Your current and potential customers do, too.

Ways to Enhance Customer Service Using Digital Marketing

Ways to Enhance Customer Service Using Digital Marketing

Content: Think like a Customer

When creating content for your website, social media, and so on, imagine you’re a customer instead of a marketer. Don’t use jargon. Keep things clear and engaging. Remember, your site is a brand ambassador. Your site should mirror dialogue you would have, and stories you would tell if you were interacting with a customer face-to-face.

And don’t forget about your customer when it comes to your keywords. They’re more likely to type “how do I fix a bike chain” than “bike chain fix” into the search bar. So keep your content simple, but don’t “dumb it down”. [And this may go without saying, but think of the most common, relevant questions your customer might have about your product, and answer them in your content.]

UX: Put the Customer in Control

When it comes to developing your User Experience (UX), your customer should be in control. They should be able to navigate through your site easily and at their own pace. Since there are many people out there, with many learning/engagement styles, there are a variety of things to consider when developing an inviting user experience for everyone:

  • Content for visual, verbal, and auditory learners
  • Site accessibility for users with disabilities
  • Usability across devices
  • Different forms of answers (FAQ, video, etc) to the same or similar questions

Don’t forget to try things out using A/B testing, getting user feedback, and keeping an eye on your site analytics.

Your website, social media platforms, and apps aren’t just selling platforms. They’re additional avenues for building and nurturing customer relationships. And that trust key to loyalty. And everybody wants their customers to keep coming back. What are you doing to improve the online experience for your customers? Share your favorite strategies in the comments.

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