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Buy HubSpot Through HubSpot Partner ROI Amplified

Streamline workflows, enhance customer experience & increase efficiency with HubSpot Integrations

on August 28, 2023

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 Buy HubSpot Through HubSpot Partner ROI Amplified

Thinking about buying HubSpot? Let’s discuss why you should buy HubSpot through a Hubspot partner like ROI Amplified. HubSpot, an all-in-one platform for inbound marketing, sales, and customer service, has transformed the digital space. With its wide range of features and capabilities, it is no wonder many businesses are opting for this platform. But did you know there’s an optimal way to invest in HubSpot? It’s through a certified HubSpot partner. So, why should you buy HubSpot through a partner?

You’ll Pay Less for Hubspot

That’s right you read that correctly. If you go with the right Hubspot Partner Agency, chances are you’ll actually end up paying less for your Hubspot Instance, and Hubspot partners have the ability to save you money in multiple ways. We’ve saved our Hubspot clients thousands of dollars by:

  1. Negotiating with Hubspot on their behalf
  2. Waiving the”mandatory” onboarding fees
  3. Stopping Hubspot’s Sales Team from upselling you on things you don’t need
  4. Properly controlling your contact count

Negotiating with Hubspot on their behalf

As a trusted HubSpot partner, ROI Amplified understands the needs and goals of our clients. We step into the shoes of an advocate, a negotiator if you will, when it comes to dealing with HubSpot on your behalf. We ensure that you get the necessary tools and services to align with your specific business requirements and objectives. Our experience and knowledge allow us to effectively prevent HubSpot from upselling products or services that you don’t need. With ROI Amplified, you can rest assured that your interests are always our priority and that every dollar you invest in HubSpot is optimally utilized for your business growth. We can do this because we are retainer-based, and even though we are Hubspot Partners, we do not take into account Hubspot commissions, meaning we pass those 15%-20% discounts to our clients.

Waiving Hubspot’s “Mandatory” Onboarding Fees

Again, we understand that every penny counts when you’re running a business. This is why we take the extra step in negotiating with HubSpot to waive the “mandatory” onboarding fees for our clients. We believe that the value you gain from HubSpot should not be burdened by additional costs that can be avoided. By advocating for you, we aim to make your transition to HubSpot as seamless and cost-effective as possible. You can then direct those saved resources towards other critical areas of your business, ensuring a more optimal return on your HubSpot investment. The problem with letting Hubspot onboard your company is Hubspot’s onboarding is not specifically for you. In fact, it’s not for your company at all, it’s a general “best practices” onboarding. The time in which Hubspot takes to onboard you is simply just too long. What they schedule that could take months, ROI Amplified typically gets done in about a week or two.

Stopping Hubspot’s Sales Team from upselling you on things you don’t need

Entrusting your HubSpot management to ROI Amplified serves as your protective barrier against unnecessary upselling from HubSpot’s sales team. We recognize that not all the services and features offered may align with your specific business needs. Our team operates on a clear understanding of your objectives, enabling us to discern what you truly need to amplify your return on investment. As a result, we are able to intervene and stop HubSpot’s sales team from upselling you on features or services that aren’t essential to your business. With ROI Amplified, you can be confident that your resources are wisely spent, focusing on tools that genuinely contribute to your growth.

Properly controlling your contact count

For marketing contacts and non-marketing contacts, Hubspot contact management is confusing, to say the least. Effective management of contact count in HubSpot is a crucial aspect of controlling costs and maximizing efficiency. ROI Amplified excels at this by implementing strategic control measures tailored to your business needs. We meticulously review and organize your contact database, pruning out redundant or non-essential contacts, thereby optimizing your contact list. This not only ensures a cleaner, more manageable database but also aids in avoiding additional charges that come with exceeding the contact count limit. With ROI Amplified at the helm, you can rest assured that your HubSpot contact count is always in check and under control.

Warning Not all HubSpot Partners are the same

When you consider buying hubspot from  a HubSpot partner agency to optimize your inbound marketing, sales, and customer service, it is important to realize that not all HubSpot partners are created equal. Currently, there are over 2,500 HubSpot partner agencies in the United States alone. Among them, you’ll find some agencies that exclusively offer HubSpot services. It is prudent to exercise caution when considering such strictly HubSpot agencies for the following reasons:

  1. They need those Hubspot Commissions for their bottom line
  2. They typically just regurgitate Hubspot’s best practices and ideologies
  3. They aren’t experts in everything else you’ll need
  4. Their timelines match Hubspot’s
  5. Outdated Practices
  6. They are more expensive

    1. Dependency on HubSpot Commissions

    These agencies heavily rely on HubSpot commissions to maintain their bottom line. Their business model is often structured around the sale of HubSpot products and services, and they may push certain features or upgrades not because they are the best fit for your business, but because they boost their own revenues. This commission-focused approach can often result in a misalignment between your actual needs and what is being offered.

    2. Adherence to HubSpot Best Practices and Ideologies

    Strictly HubSpot agencies often merely regurgitate HubSpot’s best practices and ideologies without considering the unique needs, goals, and context of your business. While HubSpot does offer excellent guidance and proven methodologies, every business is different, and a one-size-fits-all approach can limit the potential of your investment in the platform.

    3. Lack of Expertise in Other Crucial Areas

    These agencies often specialize in HubSpot, meaning they may lack the breadth of expertise required in other essential areas like SEO, content marketing, social media strategy, or PPC advertising. Effective digital marketing requires an integrated approach, and if your agency can’t deliver on that, you might find yourself needing to hire multiple providers, leading to fragmented strategies and extra costs.

    4. Synced Timelines with HubSpot

    These agencies often adopt the same timelines as HubSpot for onboarding and implementation, which can be unnecessarily long. Agencies with a broader digital marketing focus understand that time is of the essence in today’s fast-paced online environment and can often expedite these processes to get your campaigns up and running more quickly.

    5. Outdated Practices

    Strictly HubSpot agencies may sometimes lag in updating their practices in line with the latest digital marketing trends and technologies outside of HubSpot’s ecosystem. This could result in your business missing out on the benefits of new strategies, techniques, or tools that can enhance your online presence and conversion rates.

    6. Higher Costs

    Exclusively HubSpot agencies can be more expensive. They may charge higher fees due to their perceived ‘specialist’ status. However, remember that a higher price doesn’t necessarily mean a better return on investment. Full-service digital marketing agencies with a broader digital marketing service range often provide more value, as they offer comprehensive, integrated solutions that address all aspects of your online presence.

    In conclusion, it’s essential to consider these factors when choosing a HubSpot partner agency. Look for a partner who not only has the expertise in HubSpot but also understands your unique business needs and has the capacity to offer holistic digital marketing solutions that drive results. It’s not just about finding an agency; it’s about finding the right agency for you.

    Buying Hubspot Through a Hubspot Partner Conclusion

In conclusion, purchasing HubSpot through a certified partner like ROI Amplified offers a host of advantages that significantly impact your ROI and business growth. These benefits transcend beyond the mere usage of a leading marketing, sales, and service platform.

Firstly, HubSpot partners, especially ROI Amplified, can effectively negotiate with HubSpot on your behalf. This role of advocacy is not limited to purchasing alone but extends to ensuring you have the tools and services that precisely match your business objectives. In doing so, we filter out any unnecessary offerings HubSpot may attempt to upsell, thereby maximizing your dollar’s worth and sustaining the focus on your business growth.

Secondly, onboarding, which is often labeled as “mandatory” and comes with a fee, can be negotiated by HubSpot partners. This task is something ROI Amplified is highly skilled at, as we believe the costs associated with HubSpot should not become a burden. We ensure your transition to HubSpot is as smooth and cost-effective as possible, allowing you to redirect the saved resources toward critical business areas.

Another added advantage is that having a HubSpot partner like ROI Amplified to manage your HubSpot platform serves as a protective layer against unnecessary upselling from HubSpot’s sales team. Our understanding of your objectives helps us discern what tools and services truly amplify your business, thereby preventing any possible upselling on elements that aren’t crucial to your business. This ensures your resources are wisely allocated towards tools that genuinely propel your growth.

Lastly, ROI Amplified, as a HubSpot partner, can effectively manage your HubSpot contact count. This important task contributes to cost control and enhances efficiency. We meticulously review your contact database, pruning unnecessary contacts to maintain an optimized list. This not only results in a clean, manageable database but also aids in avoiding extra charges related to exceeding the contact count limit.

Therefore, it is clear that investing in HubSpot through a certified partner, especially ROI Amplified, is not just a matter of convenience but a strategic decision. It ensures you’re getting the best value for your investment while keeping your business objectives at the forefront.

Remember, it’s not just about having the right tools; it’s about using them correctly!


1. Why should I consider purchasing HubSpot through a certified partner like ROI Amplified?

A certified partner like ROI Amplified understands your unique business needs and helps you optimize your HubSpot experience, from negotiating deals to preventing upselling of unnecessary features and managing your contact count efficiently.

2. Can a HubSpot partner like ROI Amplified really negotiate to waive the mandatory onboarding fee?

Yes, ROI Amplified can negotiate to waive the onboarding fees, thus saving you money and making your transition to HubSpot more cost-effective.

3. Will ROI Amplified stop HubSpot’s sales team from upselling services I don’t need?

Yes, ROI Amplified’s goal is to ensure you only invest in tools and services that truly contribute to your business growth. We stop HubSpot’s sales team from upselling you on features or services that aren’t essential to your business.

4. How does ROI Amplified manage my HubSpot contact count?

ROI Amplified implements strategic control measures, reviews your contact database, and prunes out unnecessary contacts, optimizing your list and avoiding additional charges associated with exceeding the contact limit.

5. What’s the overall advantage of buying HubSpot through a partner like ROI Amplified?

Buying through ROI Amplified ensures that you get a personalized, optimal HubSpot experience. We work to save you money, protect you from unnecessary upselling, manage your contact count effectively, and ensure that every dollar you invest is optimally utilized for your business growth.