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You know that you need Google Ads and PPC management — but before you even choose an agency, where do you start?

Start by getting an inside look into your competitors’ PPC strategy.

ROI Amplified can you give you the information you need to not only start Google Ads but dominate them in your market. Answer the three questions below and schedule a time to go over it with one of our experts. We are offering this completely free so you have nothing to lose!

You may be asking yourself “What will I learn
from this competitor analysis?

Setup a Call with an Expert

How much money each competitor is spending on Google?

How much traffic are they getting to their site?

Are their leads coming through paid search or organic traffic?

What keywords are driving their customers to convert?

What is the average cost per click for keywords?

Which keywords should I avoid?

Which keywords are driving my competitors to page 1 of Google?

That’s just a few of the questions we can answer.