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How Franchise Marketing Services Can Benefit Your Business

on September 13, 2021

franchise marketing services
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Are you wondering how franchise marketing services can benefit your business? Did you know that a 5% spend on marketing can be recovered tenfold in profits? Did you also know that by using marketing, you’ll gain audiences for life that will keep your business multiplying?

If you’re not leveraging franchise marketing services for your business, you need to make a change. Digital marketing has the potential to transform your brand reach, exposure, and authority.

What does that mean for you? You benefit from the increased traffic, leads, and conversions that will generate massive returns and business for your franchise.

Want to learn how you can leverage digital marketing to engage with the public and boost your sales? Keep reading.

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What Is Franchise Marketing

Franchise marketing involves activities that help the franchise grow. The main aim is to gain exposure and generate legitimate leads. This is achieved through a variety of ways and channels, including email marketing, content marketing, pay-per-click advertising, and more.

There are two main types of franchise marketing:

  1. Operational franchise marketing: This involves marketing to find and attract customers to grow business
  2. Franchise development marketing: This involves marketing to find and attract franchise owners to grow franchise locations

There are many ways to effectively bump up your franchise marketing efforts. The more marketing you do, the more traction your business will get.

How to Do Franchise Marketing

The best way to do franchise marketing is through the online space. If you’re a business owner, you need to be investing in digital marketing to retain your competitive edge.

Fortunately, there are industry experts and professionals who can do the job for you. This will be especially beneficial for brands that have limited online experience. Franchise marketing agencies specialize in helping you maximize your time and resources, thus earning you a higher return on investment.

Types of Franchise Marketing

There are many franchise models out there. Each one of them offers a different outcome, and brands can pick the one that best suits their needs.

Here are a few of the most popular options to consider.


Your brand website is a treasure trove that you should be utilizing.

With the website set up correctly, you’ll be able to drive traffic, generate leads and optimize conversions. Essentially, your website acts as a round-the-clock salesperson that alerts customers to what you do.

They’ll be able to learn about your franchise and other franchises. This in turn helps convert traffic to paying customers.

Hiring franchise marketing services becomes critical here because professionals will be able to develop your website and optimize it for selling. Many companies use the AIDA funnel.

Digital marketing of this sort has the following functions:

  • Educational and informative content to build brand authority
  • Information about what it means to own one of your franchises
  • Gather client data such as personal information, email addresses, and phone numbers to market to down the line
  • Learn more about your products and services

Thus, marketing services help set your site up for success so that you’re able to reach more clients.

Social Media

According to this study by, a majority of brands generate organic leads through their social channels. Most businesses’ customers spend their time on social media.

Therefore, setting up your social media platforms will be critical. Set yourself up for success by remaining active and interacting with your audience.

Any franchise marketing professional will tell you that the key here is to engage in a personalized and non-sales-focused manner. Try providing value through your posts, answer customer queries and feedback, and spread awareness about your brand and its values.

This will help broaden your reach and help with your franchise efforts down the line.


Search engine marketing or SEM for franchise is another critical area to focus on. Google has over 3.5 billion searches – per day! 

Why not harness the power of Google to reach potential clients? You can do this through search engine optimization, or SEO.

This involves finding and ranking for the right keywords so that interested parties can find out about your services. However, it is notoriously tricky to get right as Google changes its criteria often.

That’s again where franchise digital marketing comes in, as professionals will be able to nail the keywords and optimize your pages from the get-go.

Trade Shows

Trade shows are a great way to ensure brand exposure. Opt for a franchise-focused trade show where possible or trade shows within your industry niche.

The benefit of this kind of marketing is that you’ll be able to interact with people within your industry. Who knows, some of them might end up franchise partners one day!

Be sure to get the contact details of all the interested people you meet. This will allow you to build strong business relations and reach out for cross-collaboration. It is also an effective mechanism by which to gauge the effectiveness of the trade show method.

PPC Marketing

Pay-per-click or PPC advertising is one of the greatest ways to monetize your business. The process involves putting your ad out there, and paying out when someone clicks on your posting.

This way, you’re not wasting precious advertising dollars on customers who are unlikely to click on your ad. Google AdWords and Bing will help you target your ads to people specifically interested in your services, or to those who wish to open up a franchise.

This has the potential to turn your advertising campaign into a great lead generation tool. However, Google AdWords is intricate and requires in-depth knowledge about statistics, analysis, trend forecasting, and target audiences.

With the right marketing services, you’ll be able to catch the right people at the right time with a laser-focused view.


This is another great way to market your franchise offerings. Not only does it grow brand awareness and help you reach new audiences, but sponsorship opportunities will help you find new franchise partners.

Target local businesses and entrepreneurs in your area. Here, we suggest picking similar but different companies that you can expand into. You’ll be able to reach their audience as well as yours, which is double the opportunity for marketing.

Be sure to use sponsorships as a way to get the word out about your franchise offerings as well.

Benefits of Hiring Franchise Marketing Services for Your Business

Marketing has shifted entirely to the online world. And competition is fierce.

You will need to set yourself apart to gain leads, and the best way to do this is through digital marketing strategies.

Luckily, there are many strategies out there that will benefit every business owner. However, before you implement digital marketing channels effectively, you will need to understand why digital marketing is critical in the franchise space.

Marketing services directly impact your franchise business and opens up a wide range of opportunities for your pipeline goals.

Here are some of the main benefits.

Increases Lead Opportunities

One of the main benefits of marketing for franchises is that it increases lead generation.

Marketing businesses do this by leveraging search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, search engine marketing, and social media platforms. Essentially, switching to an online presence will be vital in gaining exposure and increasing brand awareness.

By utilizing digital marketing strategies, you’ll be able to keep the traffic to your site high. The more visitors go to your site, the more chance you have of converting them. And with valuable content up on your site, you have the opportunity to gain their interest in franchising with your business.

Essentially, marketing is a numbers game. The more traffic you generate, the more leads come in. This is what will sell your franchise model to other business owners!

Offers Critical Analytics

One mistake many small businesses make is they don’t track their progress enough. After all, if you don’t know where you started from, how will you know how much you’ve grown?

It is critical to keep a tab on business analytics. This will involve analyzing your strengths and weaknesses and adopting strategies based on those.

In addition, if you have solid analytics and reporting, you’ll be able to show partners or parties data that can help them decide if they want to franchise with you.

Some important analytics to track will be your marketing funnels, traffic, site bounces, and more.

You can also compare your digital marketing strategies with your competition. This will help you adopt strategies that are tried and tested, allowing you to stay ahead of the curve.

Analytics does need technical know-how, and knowledge of the tools and mechanisms to track reports. If you don’t want to spend your valuable time figuring all the intricacies out, we suggest going with a competent agency that will do the legwork for you.

Craft High-Impact Content

Digital marketing for franchises will be tailored to your unique needs. Marketing experts are well versed in the industry standards and latest happenings that can propel your business.

They will be able to study your demographic, and craft content accordingly. In doing so, you’ll be able to cast a wider net and reach more people. They will also decide on strategies that work for you.

For example, some brands would benefit more from video content, while others from Instagram posts. It all depends on the kind of industry.

The insights you’ll get from digital marketing services will help you set yourself up as a brand authority, in turn creating more compelling content.

Adapt to Changing Situations

All brands need to deal with the constantly changing search engine algorithms.

And when SEO is your main tool for generating leads and traffic, it can be tricky if you’ve fallen behind on the updated algorithm patterns. For example, Google is constantly updating its SEO rules and strategies. This in turn will affect your SEO tactics.

It is thus important to keep up with these changes to ensure you’re reaching customers. If you don’t, your page could end up getting deindexed or rank low.

Marketing services know how to deal with these changes and tackle them effectively. They will review your site layout, optimation, speed, and more to ensure you rank well and get those much-needed leads.

Effective Strategizing

Just as your business needs a financial plan, so too does your marketing need a plan or direction for growth.

You’ll be doing yourself a disservice by adopting a haphazard marketing strategy. Moreover, you’ll never get the traffic you desire without planning ahead and researching effectively.

Marketing services will create long and short-term strategies that will grow your business. Your short-term goals should align with your long-term business needs too.

For example, if you’re running a pop-up store, you don’t need sustained marketing efforts past the date of your pop-up. Constantly updating your strategy will be key here.

Your campaign needs to be flexible to change along with your changing business needs.

Save Money

The number one thing most business owners are preoccupied with is their bottom line. And many think that hiring a digital marketing agency will cost them too much.

But if you get returns that far outweigh marketing costs, it’s worth it, right? Have you thought about why so many big businesses invest in marketing?

Because it works.

You need to invest in your growth, and put some capital in to gain capital. 

And digital marketing agencies will help you save money along the way by creating a realistic budget plan. By allocating money to different areas like SEO, social channels, and PPC, you’ll have a good idea of your advertising spend.

And professionals know which areas to spend on, and which areas to be thrifty so that you’re optimizing all the money that’s going out. This will open up a whole host of growth opportunities for your business!

Grow Your Online Presence

Remember, having an online presence alone won’t guarantee ranking well on Google or help you gain many followers.

But, having a solid online presence will ensure customers can find you, and gain value from you.

And if you post content regularly, you’ll be able to generate organic traffic too. If your content is informative and valuable, people who know about your brand will keep coming back for more.

And they’ll share your brand with their friends and family too! Don’t underestimate the power of word-of-mouth spread. And having a digital presence is the best way to gain this spread.

Most digital marketing agencies will help build up your online presence from scratch. They’ll set up social channels on platforms like FaceBook, Linked In, and more. They’ll also craft your content to fit with your brand image.

From there, it will be easier to grow your brand based on the foundation of your online presence. Factors like keyword, mobile optimization, targeting social communities, and demographic analysis will help you reach more people too.

Tips for Using Franchise Marketing Services

Ultimately, franchising your business is a sales and marketing effort. It will take effort and intention to build your franchise sales along a definite pipeline and establish a franchise network.

Here are a few of the primary practices to implement for success.

Work With a Franchise Digital Marketing Agency

This is our top tip because it’s the most important! Many business owners try to piece together the knowledge required to market their franchise. You’re just wasting time you could’ve used for important business matters, without much return on investment!

In addition, you need sustained effort and technical know-how to make the most of your money and reach your franchise pipeline goals. Thus, you need all the help you can get – and the investment will be well worth it when you get returns and leads.

Find a franchise marketing agency that will work with you on a commission basis. Thus, they will have a stake in your returns and marketing efforts. This is a great way to ensure you’re getting good value for money.

Leverage your Connections 

According to a recent study, 95% of business professionals feel they achieved more success when they utilized their contacts. And a lot of the work in franchise sales works through contact referrals.

You’d be truly surprised at how effective networking effects can be in growing your franchise! Get the word out – be it vendors, customers, friends, relatives – and watch the results come in. 

The more you talk to people you know about your franchise opportunities, the more they will share it with people who might be interested.

It Takes Time

One of the biggest mistakes new franchise owners make is expecting returns to flow in overnight. In reality, marketing is a multi-step process that requires consistent time, effort, and money.

It’s never as simple as attracting a customer and getting them to contact you! It takes time because franchise ownership is a big decision. People need the time and space to let the opportunity brew in their heads.

All you can do is respect the process. Offer value through your socials, blog, and content. Give them a reason to be interested in your offerings, and give them a way to contact you.

And don’t forget to reach out every once in a while so you’re top of mind! Slowly but surely, your efforts will pay off. The process can be quickened up by hiring the right professionals and marketing services. However, it still takes patience and persistence.

Update and Evolve

Redoing your marketing strategies and materials every so often is an absolute must. If you’ve been using the same brochures or website template forever, it’s probably time for a change.

Design strategies evolve with time, so it simply looks unprofessional to not update your materials to keep up with the time. Put the time and effort into getting your materials designed professionally.

The layout, font, and information should be well thought out and visually appealing to find the right people.

In addition, if your current marketing strategies are failing to bring in interested parties and convert leads, it’s time to adopt a new strategy.

Franchise marketing is all about evolving and updating with the needs of the market. Get rid of what doesn’t serve you. Find something that works. This will take a lot of trial and error but is well worth the effort when you get genuine leads.

Watch your Content

According to marketing genius Neil Patel, the content you put out there matters. It is important, especially in a competitive industry like franchising.

The best way to stand out amongst your peers is to become a trusted authority on your subject. In other words, become a thought leader within your niche. For example, if you want to open franchises for your pizza business, write about pizza every week.

Make sure what you write is interesting, engaging, and most importantly – provides value. You’ll be able to attract audiences and a following this way. And people will be more willing to franchise with you because you will have established yourself as a reputed authority and brand in the pizza market.

Use Digital Marketing Services to Grow Your Franchise to New Heights

Outsourcing your digital marketing needs is the best step you could take to grow your business. You’ll benefit from the abundance of increased opportunity, not to mention, the return on investment.

Experts in the field have the tools, knowledge, and resources that can only come with years of industry experience. With the right team behind you, you’ll be all set to conquer the franchise business world.

ROI Amplified is your one-stop-shop for all things franchise marketing services related. Our team of competent professionals will set you up for success with powerful digital campaigns.

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