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Director of Customer Service

Amber Lantz

Amber Lantz, the Director of Customer Service at ROI Amplified since February 2020, brings years of experience, ensuring clients feel valued and understood. Her genuine regard for people and commitment to quality service has enhanced our client interactions, reflecting the company’s core values.

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Amber Lantz serves as the Director of Customer Service at ROI Amplified, joining our team in February of 2020. With a career of many years in customer service, Amber brings a wealth of knowledge and a deep understanding of the field. Her background, coupled with her ability to connect with clients, has contributed to the customer service approach at ROI Amplified.

Amber is committed to ensuring a positive experience for our clients. She believes that customers should receive not only solutions but also meaningful interactions, guiding the customer service team with this ethos in mind. Through the years, she has honed her skills in listening, empathizing, and addressing concerns, aiming to make every client or potential client feel valued and understood.

What distinguishes Amber is her genuine regard for people. This sentiment leads her to consistently strive for a better client experience with ROI Amplified. Whether she’s addressing concerns, providing updates, or just being there to discuss a client’s needs, Amber’s interactions often reflect the company’s values and dedication to quality service.

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