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How ROI Amplified increased Integrated Care Clinic’s new clients by 60%.

  • Brand Development
  • Website Design
  • Ad Campaigns
  • IntakeQ Integration
  • Increase new clients, while maintaining the ability to scale
  • Nurture current and future client relationships
  • A brand refresh and website redesign that delivers conversions

Located in downtown St Petersburg, FL, Integrated Care Clinic is an outpatient mental health practice that employs multiple psychologists, a registered dietitian nutritionist, and a psychiatrist. ICC operates based on the belief that integrating mental health, psychiatric care, and nutritional/wellness services produces the best outcomes and provides the most effective approach to caring for people with mild to severe mental health needs. They treat clients of all ages, offering confidential individual therapy, family therapy, couples counseling, group therapy, nutrition, and psychiatry services to meet the needs of each of our clients.


ICC originally contacted ROI Amplified to advertise some programs they were beginning, including a woman’s group. Once ICC saw the success of these advertising campaigns, they brought ROI Amplified on full-time to take over their PPC management. The goal of ICC’s PPC campaign was to bring on more new clients, while not spending additional money. ROI Amplified was tasked with figuring out how to lower the cost per lead, while maintaining the quality of the leads.



Percent increase in new clients


Percent decrease in CPC


Percent increase in Search Impression Share

2 new full-time employees hired.


ROI Amplified performed an initial Google Ads audit to identify which parts of the market were untapped and which were not generating good leads for ICC. Once ROI Amplified determined the target audience, they began a Manual cost-per-click(CPC) campaign which gave them complete control over how much ICC would spend per click to their website. In the first seven months of the campaign, ROI Amplified decreased ICC’s CPC by 42%! Additionally, ICC was gaining recognition, as they saw a 39% increase in Search Impression Share.

With this success, ICC was able to hire two full-time employees; a registered dietitian nutritionist and another psychologist. At this point, the growth that ICC was seeing had changed their business drastically, and even affected their ideal client. With a new ideal client, ICC came to ROI Amplified to perform a brand refresh, build a new website, implement a new CRM system and develop marketing automations.

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Integrated Care clinic

Brand Development

The new logo for Integrated Care Clinic was designed to show the integration of mental health and personal growth – their two areas of specialization. The new color palette for ICC was created to be professional, modern and hopeful. The cool tones of the navy and light blue contain a sense of calmness and security, while the yellow conveys warmth and happiness.

ICC Logo

Website Design

In order to begin advertising for Integrated Care Clinic and get customers to convert on their site, we needed to build a site that allowed higher conversions. With the new brand in place and a data-driven user flow, their new website saw an increase in traffic and conversions very quickly.

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